Disney World, I Am BEGGING You To Fix This Hotel Problem!

When I travel to Disney World, it’s usually not in the budget to stay on property.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

When I do, I’m a big fan of Disney World’s value resorts! Their theming is out of this world (and to me, isn’t too much, but I know lots of people feel differently). And if I’m staying at Pop Century or Art of Animation, I can take the Skyliner to head to my favorite park! However, on my last trip, my group split the cost for a stay at Port Orleans Riverside, and while it was GORGEOUS, I couldn’t help but notice this MASSIVE issue.

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The room we stayed in could fit 4 adults, but there were only 3 of us. And still, there were JUST enough outlets for us all to use!

Port Orleans Riverside Room Outlets

Charging your devices is of utmost importance in Disney World. Not only do you need to make sure your phone is charged, your portable charger also needs to be charged, along with your smartwatch and/or your MagicBand+. That’s a minimum of 3 outlets required PER PERSON, so each 4-person room should have a minimum of 12 outlets.

Saratoga Springs Room Outlets

Yeah, ours had about 8 maximum. While that’s perfect for a solo traveler or a party of two, it’s NOT going to cut it for groups of 3-4 who have more than 2 devices each. While each of us did have a phone and smartwatch to charge, none of us had MagicBand+, and I was the only one with a portable charger. 

Animal Kingdom Lodge Room Outlets

It didn’t help that one of the outlets was VERY finicky and didn’t want to work for certain chargers (even though they all were the same, technically). We did get it to work with one device, fortunately, but I ended up having to charge my watch in the bathroom each night because that was the only space left!

Port Orleans Riverside Room

So how can you avoid this tragedy on your trip? We suggest bringing at LEAST one power strip that has 3-5 USB, USB-C, and/or regular three-prong plugs for you to use. This is how our YouTube team is able to charge all their cameras and batteries along with their personal devices each night.


These are relatively cheap to purchase online, and trust me, they’ll SAVE you on your group trip!

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We’re always here to help you plan for your next Disney World trip, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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What’s a big problem you’ve noticed in Disney World hotels? Tell us in the comments!

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