Disney Adults Have Spoken: 7 Table-Service Restaurants Are Uncool. Go Here Instead.

Dining at Disney World can be a FANTASTIC experience, but how many of these restaurants are worth your time?

Magic Kingdom

You can find some pretty great eats at Disney World and, when it comes to table service, some dining experiences will create incredible lasting memories. With that said, not all table-service restaurants at Disney World are equal and we’re here to set the record straight.

We recently polled our readers and asked our them which table-service restaurants Disney Adults are skipping, and which ones they think are underrated. While these opinions are subjective, we think they’re fascinating, so let’s get into the results!

San Angel Inn Restaurante

San Angel Inn Restaurante

Known as Disney World’s version of Blue BayouSan Angel Inn Restaurante offers a unique atmospheric and romantic dining experience inside the Mexico pavilion’s pyramid at EPCOT.

While the experience can be top-notch, you do run the risk of not getting seated close to the water (which is a major bummer) and the food quality is wildly inconsistent. Readers and experts alike agree — you’re taking a gamble when you decide to dine here.

Hacienda de San Angel

If you crave a tasty take on Mexican cuisine, the nearby La Hacienda de San Angel may not offer the same kind of atmosphere, but the consensus is that the food quality has a better consistency than that of San Angel Inn Restaurante, making it a more-than-suitable replacement.

La Hacienda de San Angel Restaurant

Rating: 7.00 / 10 Recommended By: 69%
Menus: Dinner, Children's Dinner
Services: Table Service

Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Speaking of great atmospheric restaurants, Roundup Rodeo BBQ is wonderfully themed. This Disney’s Hollywood Studios restaurant serves “barbecue-inspired comfort foods served family-style”, while Woody’s Roundup-themed aesthetics surround diners.

Readers had no problem with the theming — in fact, it was praised. However, the readers found the service to be a bit slower and the food to be very underwhelming. Readers Charlotte, Angela, and Chris called it a “one and done.”

The Polite Pig

If you’re ok with traveling to Disney Springs for some good barbecue, look no further than The Polite Pig!  This “fast-casual” modern barbecue restaurant isn’t technically table service, but it is incredibly well-regarded and was recognized by the Michelin Guide in 2022.

Polite Pig Restaurant

Rating: 8.78 / 10 Recommended By: 96%
Menus: Lunch/Dinner
Services: Quick Service

Le Cellier Steakhouse

Le Cellier

There was a time when including EPCOT’s Le Cellier Steakhouse in a list of uncool restaurants would’ve been considered blasphemous. However, some readers mentioned that the quality has dipped over time and the high prices are no longer justified. Michelle B. said, “tough steaks,” and Michelle S. responded that she is “so sad” about the decline in quality there. We hope that one day this once-prestigious restaurant can work its way off this list.

Steakhouse 71

Another notable steakhouse that hasn’t dipped in perception is Steakhouse 71 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Many of our readers continued to laud this restaurant and named it as one of their favorites. Steakhouse 71 honors the year Walt Disney World opened (1971) and offers a casual dining experience and tasty menu offerings that many will enjoy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Steakhouse 71 Restaurant

Rating: N/A Recommended By: N/A
Menus: Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
Services: Table Service

Space 220

Inside Space 220

When Space 220 arrived at EPCOT in 2021, it opened with a ton of hype and mostly delivered. The space station atmosphere is very cool and the food is very good for an “experience” restaurant. With that said, the prix-fixe menu is heavy and the price is out of this world (in a bad way).

Unless you’re dining alone, you will be spending hundreds of dollars at this location, making it a one-time experience for most guests. Readers ended up giving this one a pass.


Over in the Germany PavilionBiergarten Restaurant offers buffet-style dining for nearly half the price of Space 220, which is a great alternative if you want a hearty meal without completely breaking the bank. This EPCOT restaurant not only serves tasty German cuisine but is a great spot for beer aficionados, as well.

Biergarten Restaurant Restaurant

Rating: 8.04 / 10 Recommended By: 87%
Menus: Lunch/Dinner
Services: Buffet/All You Care to Eat

’50’s Prime Time Cafe

50s Style Decor at ’50s Prime Time Cafe

’50s Prime Time Café at Hollywood Studios is notorious among Disney Adults for its service. Its American, homestyle meals are served in a 1950s-themed kitchen and the servers here treat you like family — which isn’t always a good thing. They’ll keep you on your toes, making you mind your manners and eat all your vegetables with the fear of teasing as punishment.

This interactive experience admittedly isn’t for everyone and if you’re looking for a quiet meal, this is DEFINITELY not the place you.

The Hollywood Brown Derby

Staying in Hollywood Studios, The Hollywood Brown Derby is a chic restaurant that also plays on an era of old — the long-lost era of the silver screen. The walls are decorated with caricatures of old-time celebrities and the fine dining experience really separates itself from ’50s Prime Time Café.

Check out the attached lounge for tasty options when you’re short on time or missing a reservation.

Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant

Rating: 7.75 / 10 Recommended By: 82%
Menus: Lunch/Dinner, Children's Lunch/Dinner, Dining with an Imagineer
Services: Table Service

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant

It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong with the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant at Hollywood Studios — the atmosphere is loads of fun and the opportunity to eat inside a car is truly unique. But the food (especially the burgers) is the definition of forgettable and the whole experience can be a waste of time if quality eats is your main focus.

D-Luxe Burger

On the flip side, D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs has a wide variety of tasty burgers at super affordable prices. If you’d rather grab a tasty specialty burger or chicken with a twist instead of basic American fare at Sci-Fi, some of our experts think this could be the spot for you!

D-Luxe Burger Restaurant

Rating: 6.83 / 10 Recommended By: 69%
Menus: Lunch/Dinner
Services: Quick Service

All Magic Kingdom Restaurants

Be Our Guest

This take may be controversial, but many of our readers were down on Magic Kingdom dining in general. Citing poor food quality and expensive prices, many suggested simply looking anywhere else when it came to selecting meals.

While our experts appreciate some of the unique dining experiences such as Be Our Guest Restaurant and will always vouch for underrated gems like Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteenwe understand why many guests forgo getting meals at this park.

Disney Springs

Nearby hotels or Disney Springs have more to offer than Magic Kingdom in terms of dining — without a doubt. If you’re looking for elite table service options, we have to agree with our readers and suggest visiting these locations instead of staying in Magic Kingdom.

That’s not to suggest there aren’t any worthwhile eats at Magic Kingdom. In fact, you can read about some of our favorites down below!

The Best Food in Magic Kingdom for 2024

Disney Adults far and wide have chimed in on this list — let us know if you agree with them! Also, be sure to follow us here at AllEars for the latest Disney World news, tips, and reviews!

7 Unspoken Rules About Table Service Restaurants at Disney World

What did our list get right? What did it get wrong? Let us know in the comments!

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