The UGLY Disney World Problem That WON’T Go Away (and Why That’s a GOOD Thing)

If you’ve ever found yourself annoyed by the seemingly forever construction ongoing at Disney World, we’re right there with you!

DVC Poly Tower construction

Plans to overhaul a good portion of EPCOT were announced years ago, and today we’re still seeing the effects of those construction efforts big and small. While we’ve had some relief from “Wall-COT” recently when EPCOT’s World Celebration Gardens finally opened, it seems Disney’s far from done with their construction projects. This begs the question, will they be done with all of this ugly construction anytime soon?

Walt Disney may have said it best. Although he may have been specifically referencing EPCOT at the time, the vision seems to stand true — Disney World may “always be in a state of becoming.”

Construction near Imagination! Pavilion

While that notion sounds both fascinating and exciting on the surface, the afterthought of that is well, construction. So when will Disney World FINALLY be done with all of the ugly construction walls around its parks? Well, we have lots of thoughts around that very question.

So Much Money & Ambitious Projects

Disney has announced A TON of new, big, expensive, and ambitious projects for its future. When your sights are set so high on massive change, there are bound to be some growing pains.


With so much money being dumped into the parks, hotels, and potential expansions,  it’s hard not to imagine that construction will take extensive time to complete for all projects no matter how minor. If we’re to consider the past for this decision, just look at how long TRON Lightcycle / Run’s timeline took to complete…

TRON Lightcycle / Run

… and there are also STILL walls up around parts of EPCOT’s World Celebration for projects announced years ago.

Disney Will Have To Lean Heavily Into BOTH New Technology & Updating Attractions To Keep Visitors Satisfied

To keep people coming back for years to come (and continue to appeal to the younger generations), Disney will need to rely on two things — new technologies and attractions to keep excitement building. New technology and new attractions will have to lead to more construction efforts to either clear land or clear out existing attractions — both of which can take significant time.


But it won’t just stop here. Disney World’s classic attractions will also always need upkeep, downtime, and refurbishment — even if it’s not something that necessarily results in something “new” to its visitors.

Restaurants, too!

Even these minor changes will sometimes result in construction walls (even if briefly) like we already see from time to time with the current rides and attractions.

Keeping Up With The Joneses

In a bit of friendly competition with the other major theme parks just down the road, Disney’s got to do something to make sure they’re doing everything they can to rake in the audience.


We’ve got to keep in mind that Universal Orlando is opening Epic Universe in 2025. The new park looks stunning from everything we’ve seen from its concept art, the construction progress of the park, and currently revealed attractions.

Epic Universe construction

They’re not the only ones though! SeaWorld has also announced plans to build not one, but 2 MASSIVE hotels within walking distance to their theme parks in Orlando, and we can’t forget about the 3 HUGE coasters that were installed in SeaWorld almost back to back — Penguin Trek, Pipeline, and Ice Breaker.

Everything Changes

As interests, trends, and entertainment continue to evolve, so will Disney (if they’re smart).

Harambe Market construction

As new content and characters are introduced, they may continue to phase out some of the older attractions that people no longer relate as much to. To stay relevant and on pace with the rest of the industry, Disney will need to look to add to the construction as needed to keep up with their times that are attractive to what is current and popular to their target audience.

Refurbishments happen too

We’ve seen this already happen with changes to characters at Disney Junior Dance Party! in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and even the revamp that’s currently in progress with Country Bear Jamboree.

All of this stands as evidence to reason why we probably won’t see a significant break in construction at Disney World for the foreseeable future. However, we’re always keeping up with the latest changes and projects at Disney World, so be sure to stay tuned with us for the latest as it’s revealed!

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How do you feel about the construction now and in the future for Disney World? Give us all of your thoughts in the comments below!

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