Disney Adults Are Sharing the WILDEST Things They’ve Seen in the Parks, and WHOA

When you love spending time at the Disney parks, you are bound to come home with a lot of stories about your trip. Trust us, we go to Disney World every day.

Cinderella Castle

We asked our Disney Adult readers to share their wildest stories of things that they have seen at Disney World. Buckle up because these are some of the wildest stories in the wilderness!

Strange and wild things can happen, even at Disney World. From stories about animal sightings to impromptu singing and everything in between, our readers gave us a look into the wildest things they have seen happen in the parks. 

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad


Florida is known for having a wide variety of wildlife. What you might not expect is sometimes this wildlife likes to visit the Disney Parks and no, we are not talking about the animals found on the Jungle Cruise.

Jungle Cruise

Many of our readers shared stories of spotting alligators around Disney World. Lesli, one of our readers told us that she spotted an alligator near Port Orleans Riverside. Another one of our readers, Jill, told us about her sighting of an Alligator at Wilderness Lodge.

Sometimes these animals make their way into the theme parks. A reader, Cheryl, told us she once spotted an alligator at a former attraction, Splash Mountain. This reminds us of when there was a bear spotted enjoying their time in Magic Kingdom last year. Amy, one of our readers, happened to be there on that infamous morning when a majority of Magic Kingdom was closed.

The bear we normally see in Magic Kingdom

Devore, a reader, told us about the time she saw the circle of life in action. She saw a White Heron eat a lizard right near the entrance of Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom


We know a thing or two about where to get the best food inside the parks, but our readers shared some other food stories that are not what you might expect.

One of our readers told us about a time she saw a man carry a hotdog with him in a bag. She then saw him take it out on Astro Orbiter and started to take a video of him with it.

Hot Dogs from Lunching Pad

Theresa told us about a time that she was riding the tram out of Hollywood Studios. She saw a woman holding a crock pot full of spaghetti while her family ate directly out of the crock pot.

Chuck shared a story about his dad eating ice cream in the park. Unfortunately, a bird decided to share with him and ate the top of his ice cream. Good thing a Cast Member was nearby to create magic and replace the ice cream for Chuck’s dad.

Mickey Bar


Disney is known for their iconic tunes, but these stories are not about songs you might know from Disney movies or attractions.

Piano Player at the Grand Floridian

Barb shared that she was at Typhoon Lagoon when they filmed the 90s Sing-A-Lon movie. She told us that Donald ended up getting too close to a waterfall which resulted in him losing his bottom half.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Sometimes guests can create magic for other guests. Debbie, one of our readers, shared that while she was eating in EPCOT a guest started serenading the entire restaurant. She said this moment was magic.

Brett, another reader, had a similar experience at Animal Kingdom Lodge. He shared that some international guests started to play the spoons and guitar. He also said that this moment was a truly magical experience.

Animal Kingdom Lodge


No wild Disney stories would be complete without a section about wild bathroom stories.

TRON restrooms

Darren, one of our readers, shared that they were walking around Swan and Dolphin Resort near the lake. He then saw a couple change their baby’s diaper by washing the used dirty diaper in the lake and then proceeded to put the wet diaper back on their baby. Cassie told us a similar story about a time she saw a family change a diaper while standing up in line for Toy Story Mania.

Crescent Lake

Sometimes children cannot make it to the bathroom. Allen told us a story of a child using the bathroom in the flowers in Tomorrowland. Dana had a similar experience when she saw a child use the bathroom in a bush at Coronado Springs Resort.

Coronado Springs

EPCOT is known for having an array of drink options. One of our readers, Keri, told us about a time that she witnessed some college-age kids enjoy the Food and Wine Festival a little too much, and proceed to throw up in the United Kingdom Pavilion.

United Kingdom Pavilion

Robin had a similar experience when she witnessed two girls taking turns throwing up off of the side of Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Thank you to our readers who submitted these wild stories! Sometimes The Most Magical Place on Earth can turn into The Wildest Place on Earth. 

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Have you seen something wild happen while you were in the parks? Let us know in the comments!

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