Calling All Wilderness Explorers: Earn 31 Badges in Just One Day!

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With new badges to earn in Pandora, there are now a total of 31 Wilderness Explorer badge opportunities. Want to learn how you can score them all in just one visit? Wait — do you even know what a Wilderness Explorer Badge is? Well, come along Explorers! We’ll teach you everything you need to know. … Continue reading "Calling All Wilderness Explorers: Earn 31 Badges in Just One Day!"
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Tree of Life Animal Friends

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On my solo trips I try to make a point of walking around the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, seeking out the beautifully hand-carved mammals and even the insects. :shiver: There are more than 300 pieces of art and by no means have I seen them all. Have you? A small portion of … Continue reading "Tree of Life Animal Friends"
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Collective Disney Animal Names Quiz – Answers

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Yesterday, I asked you to match the Disney characters on the left with their collective nouns on the right. Here are the answers: A. Archimedes and Big Mama 19. a parliament of owls B. Baloo, Humphrey, and Lots-o-Huggin’ 25. a sleuth of bears C. Bambi and Faline 14. a mob of deer D. Bruce, Anchor, … Continue reading "Collective Disney Animal Names Quiz – Answers"