People Refuse to Agree on This Controversial Magic Kingdom Rule

We’ve talked about many a divisive topic involving Disney World’s parks.

Magic Kingdom

People are torn all the time about things in Disney World like decisions about introducing newly acquired characters and IPs from Disney mergers to the parks,  and even subtle suggestions that could truly turn out to be just our imaginations running wild. And this time, we’re back with another question we posed to our readers, and the answers we heard from you couldn’t have been more opposite!

If you’ve ever been to Disney World and gone to look for the nearest alcoholic beverage, chances are you probably didn’t have much trouble finding one unless you were in one specific park.

Main Street U.S.A. in Disney World

Magic Kingdom at Disney World has historically been a “dry park,” meaning this park didn’t serve alcoholic beverages at all from its opening in 1971.

Zurg Freeze Drink

Over time (and we’re sure some audible adult grumblings), there was a small change made to this rule. When Be Our Guest restaurant first opened in 2012, they were the first table-service restaurant to offer an alcoholic beverage along with your dinner. Slowly, we’ve seen other table-service restaurants around Magic Kingdom follow suit in more recent years, but that begs another question.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

We asked you, our readers, whether or not you think there should be more options for alcoholic beverages at Magic Kingdom. And you had some strong opinions to share!

Be Our Guest Dining Room

David responded, “I am good with wine in a table service restaurant, but other than that, no.” While, others also backed the same opinion by chiming in like Jenny, “No. Though I have no issue with the other parks, and have partaken/will partake again. But I think it is good to have one park where the only available drinking happens at table service, and that park should be Magic Kingdom.”

The Nautilus!

However, plenty of you felt differently about that and to be fair you’ve got a great argument for the opposite position. As Stephanie pointed out, “Absolutely! I’m on vacation,” and that was further echoed by Karen saying, “Yes, why not? People are forgetting that WDW is an international destination now and many other cultures and nationalities have different attitudes to alcohol compared to the USA.”

The Squid’s Revenge!

So it seems that we’re not sure this is a topic we’ll ever get everyone to agree on.

We ask our readers for their opinions on topics all the time! Be sure to stay tuned with us for your next opportunity to chime in with your own thoughts and be sure to check back for the latest Disney news, updates, and more!

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Do you think alcohol has a place in Magic Kingdom? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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5 Replies to “People Refuse to Agree on This Controversial Magic Kingdom Rule”

  1. MK is so tight with people nowadays that adding more alcohol to the mix is a recipe for disaster. Many of us have seen some pretty wild instances in Epcot and HS where alcohol is readily available. Lets at least try to keep MK where we can get a break from having to deal with that kind of craziness.

  2. I rarely drink anyway but I’d hate to see MK turn into Epcot where guests “drink their way around the world”. Many of these guests become so obnoxious and ruin the ambience.

  3. If you have ever had a friend or family member who had a drinking problem and now are in recovery, you would have to say make it dry. Even the possibility of slipping is troublesome for them. I would rather ere on the side of being safe than “let’s have a drink while on vacation” and see family or friend slip backwards. I believe in thinking of others before myself and I don’t want to be the reason they have a relapse. Let’s stop being so self-centered and considers others rather than ourselves in our decisions. – “and some have compassion, making a difference.”

  4. There should be none what so ever on any Disney property. Walt made it clear many years ago no alcohol in his park & I know for sure it would carry over to WDW. So having alcohol is disrespecting Walt. !!!

  5. No… keep it as is. MK needs to be unique. People should be able to hold themselves together without alcohol for a day in the park…. Otherwise they should ask themselves why they can’t…we’ve taken away enough of Walt’s dreams… leave this one alone!!