Based on Logic and Data, This Is the Best Place to Meet Mickey Mouse in Disney World

So you’re going to Disney World.

Mickey Mouse

Sure, we bet you’re excited about riding ALL the attractions. You’re probably excited about eating all the foods (Mickey pretzels are a valid dinner choice, by the way), but what you might be most excited about is meeting the mouse that started it all, Mickey Mouse. But where’s the best place to meet him?

The good news is that you will have many opportunities to meet Mickey both in the parks and outside the parks, but you may be wondering which Mickey meet and greet is the best. Well, we’re doing some Disney math to help you decide where you want to  meet Mickey.

Mickey Mouse in the Festival of Fantasy parade

So we’re going to look at a few factors: things that will make meeting Mickey cheaper AND easier for you. So let’s start with the best place to meet Mickey in the parks. There are four places in the parks where you can meet Mickey:


So, Disney World has different and variable ticket pricing for each park, with Magic Kingdom being the most expensive, followed by Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom. The price of Genie+ (if you want to skip the standby line to meet Mickey) also varies by park, and pretty much falls into that same order.

That means the cheapest place to meet Mickey at Disney World is at the Adventurers Outpost in Animal Kingdom, one of the few places where you can meet Mickey AND Minnie together.

Mickey and Minnie at Adventurer’s Outpost

That’s followed by EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom.


There’s also the matter of lines to think about when meeting Mickey in Disney World. Although most Mickey meet and greets have Lightning Lanes, if you want to avoid paying for Genie+ and access shorter standby lines, you’ll probably find the shortest line at Adventurer’s Outpost in Animal Kingdom — yep, Animal Kingdom wins this round, too!

However, the line at EPCOT is usually short to meet Mickey and Minnie, too, so that’s also a good option.

Mickey and Minnie at EPCOT

The longest lines to meet Mickey are at Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom.


Another thing you need to consider when meeting Mickey in Disney World is: which outfit do you want to see him in? He wears a LOT of outfits throughout the parks, but our favorite would have to be his blue and platinum Disney 100th Anniversary suit at EPCOT.  Mickey has never looked so sharp (and Minnie looks great, too).

Check out those outfits!

However, he’s wearing a snazzy red and blue outfit with a cape at Town Square Theater. At Adventurer’s Outpost, he’s in an adventuring khaki costume. Or you might want to meet him as Sorcerer Mickey at Hollywood Studios.

Sorcerer Mickey in Hollywood Studios

This one is up to personal preference.


Of course, if you’re wanting to meet Mickey, which park is the easiest to get to? Well, you’ve got the clear winner — again — with EPCOT Mickey because you can get there by bus, Monorail, OR Skyliner.  However, you can see Mickey by bus or Monorail in Magic Kingdom.

Mickey in Magic Kingdom!

Mickey is also accessible via Skyliner and bus at Hollywood Studios, but you can only get to Animal Kingdom by bus, so Adventurer Mickey is the least convenient to get to.


So in tallying up our very unscientific data here, it seems like the BEST place to meet Mickey in Disney World right now is at EPCOT. You’ve got shorter lines, plus EPCOT is a lot easier to get to — and we love seeing him in his 100th Anniversary suit! So if that’s what you’re looking for, be sure to head on over to EPCOT to see Mickey!

Character Dining

But wait — what about character dining experiences? Well, there are ways to meet Mickey that way, too, so we’ve done some more Disney math for those experiences. Right now, Mickey meets at the following character dining locations:

Safari Mickey at Tusker House

So which is the best character dining experience for meeting Mickey? Well, when we’re looking at price, as well as how easy it is to get to that character meal, we see a clear-cut winner: breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. Chef Mickey’s is right on the Monorail, plus you don’t need to buy a park ticket to visit the Contemporary Resort. It can also be a difficult reservation to get, but if all else fails, breakfast at ‘Ohana is a good alternative.

Mickey at ‘Ohana

You can’t really go wrong with any of Disney World’s character meals, though — and you’ll likely get a lot more quality time with Mickey than if you met him in the parks.

Honorable Mention

There’s one other place you can meet Mickey in Disney World that we have to mention, but it’s exclusive. If you have a Disney Rewards VISA card, you can go to the special character dining spot in EPCOT to meet several characters with NO lines. However, there’s no guarantee that Mickey will be meeting at this spot on any particular day, so that’s why we didn’t mention it earlier.

Disney VISA Photo Spot in EPCOT

Overall, there are a lot of great places to meet the Top Mouse in Disney World. Ultimately, you’ll need to decide what your priorities are for getting those photos with Mickey.

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A NEW 100th Anniversary Meet and Greet Is OPEN in EPCOT!

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Where’s your favorite place to meet Mickey in Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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