Should You Stay in the “Garden Wing” at Disney’s Contemporary Resort?

Staying at a Disney World deluxe resort usually comes with beautiful theming, nice rooms, and perks like Extended Evening Hours. One might argue that one of the most iconic deluxe resorts in Disney World is Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort entrance

This deluxe resort is a popular choice for guests who want easy access to Magic Kingdom, which is just a quick walk, Monorail, or boat ride away. It’s easy to decide why guests stay here, but should you stay in a “Garden Wing” room or in the Main Tower?

The Contemporary Resort is a deluxe hotel at Walt Disney World  — an architectural marvel that boasts sleek and modern decor and is most notable to even non-Disney fans as the “hotel with the monorail running through it.”  The Contemporary was an opening day resort, which means it made its debut in 1971 and has been a fan-favorite ever since, and ironic to its name, actually makes it one of the oldest Disney resorts.

Contemporary Resort

Though the towering A-frame is the most notable feature of this hotel, it also has accommodation options in the Garden Wing section as well as Bay Lake Tower, the neighboring Disney Vacation Club villas.

As iconic as the Contemporary is, it’s really not winning many fans with its decor. The love Disney guests usually have for the Contemporary is most evoked from nostaglic memories of childhood vacations or the proximity to Magic Kingdom. And it does have some epic dining options here, like California Grill at the apex of the hotel offering sweeping views and a fresh and inventive menu; Chef Mickey’s with classic buffet comfort foods and a chance to hug to main mouse himself; and the new dining heartthrob, Steakhouse 71, offering hearty steakhouse classics at reasonable prices.

California Grill check-in

So, is it worth your while to stay in the Garden Wing rooms?

Like any recommendation, your mileage may vary, and it will depend on what you value and where your priorities are.  We’ll break it down into PROS and CONS so you can decide what’s best for you.


    • Quieter: The Garden Wing rooms are further removed from the echoing cavern of the Main Tower and are a bit more peaceful.
    • Feels more private/intimate: Because these rooms are a bit more removed from the Main Tower, and only have a few levels, these just feel a little cozier.
    • Still walking distance to Magic Kingdom and Contemporary dining options
    • The Garden Wing has its own parking lot entrance


    • Boat Noise: Though you won’t be awakened by the excited shouts and giggles of Chef Mickey’s in the Main Tower, the Garden Wing rooms are right off the waterway and subject to the noise pollution from the passing boats.
    • Secluded: Though some may see this as peaceful, if you want to be in the middle of the action, you may be disappointed with how far removed you are from everything. This also means you’ll have a trek to get to the dining options and transportation.
    • Limited balconies: All ground-floor rooms have patios. Only end rooms on the second and third floors facing Bay Lake have full balconies; all other rooms have balconies only a foot deep.
    • No Club Level: All Club Level rooms at the Contemporary are in the Main Tower. There are none available in the Garden Wing.


If you want our honest opinion, we think that if you’re gonna spend the moolah to stay in the Contemporary, you should stay in the main building to get the FULL experience. The Garden Wing rooms are nice, but nothing better than what you might find at a Marriott or Hilton. And if you’re looking for a Hilton experience, you can get that for a lot cheaper at an actual Hilton.

Disney's Contemporary Resort

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Deluxe Resort 4 - 8 Person Capacity Bus Boat Monorail

So if you’re looking to book a stay at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and want the best room available, keep these in mind! You can also always check out our reader reviews of the Contemporary here.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Rooms at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Have you stayed in at Garden Wing Room at the Contemporary Resort? Let us know in the comments below!

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