New Construction Progress On the Walt Disney World Railroad!

There’s a ton of construction around Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom while TRON Lightcycle Run gets closer to its Spring 2023 opening date.

TRON Construction

Part of the new attraction will sit where the tracks for the Walt Disney World Railroad used to run, so the Railroad was closed when TRON construction began to allow the track to be rebuilt. We’ve already seen some of the new railroad tracks pop up recently, and today, we spotted another exciting update on the progress!

We hitched a ride on the PeopleMover this morning, and while cruising above Tomorrowland, we noticed some exciting progress on the Walt Disney World Railroad tracks! As of earlier this week, there were no train tracks coming out of the tunnel that passes through TRON…

Earlier this week there were no tracks coming out of the TRON tunnel yet!

…but this morning, we noticed that railroad tracks have been laid through the tunnel and in the area immediately exiting it!

New Railroad Tracks!

These new tracks are another promising sign of progress for anyone out there who has been missing the Walt Disney World Railroad since its years-long closure.

New Railroad Tracks Near the TRON Tunnel

The new railroad tracks run through the tunnel that passes below the TRON coaster, shown in the middle of the photo below.

The new tracks will exit the tunnel that passes through TRON

We’ll continue to keep a close watch on the construction progress on both TRON and the Walt Disney World Railroad, so stay tuned to AllEars for the latest updates!

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