Mickey Halloween Wreaths Are BACK in Magic Kingdom!

It happened y’all, it FINALLY HAPPENED!

Halloween Is Here!

Halloween came into Magic Kingdom slowly this year, with the appearance of some jack-o-lanterns and a few other decorations at first. And then BAM! the Halloween wreaths appeared, but they were the 50th Anniversary designs with Cinderella’s Carriage, not the iconic jack-o-lantern designs with Mickey Mouse’s smiling face. If you were disappointed and feared that Mickey’s happy orange face would not grace the Most Magical Place on Earth this Halloween, we have AMAZING NEWS!

The Mickey Mouse jack-o-lantern pumpkin Halloween wreaths are BACK in Magic Kingdom! (And the crowd goes wild!!!!) 🎃


But, keep in mind that the decorations are mixed. It’s not as though Disney has gone through and replaced all of the Cinderella Carriage wreaths. There are still plenty of 50th Anniversary carriage wreaths. We spotted some specifically by the Walt Disney World Railroad station, down Main Street, U.S.A., and near the Castle.

They’re Still Here!

But, as you make your way over the Castle Hub, you’ll now find a few Mickey jack-o-lantern wreaths scattered in the area. They’re essentially in the areas moving forward from Casey’s Corner and The Plaza Restaurant.

Hello Gorgeous

Look for him on some of the lamposts in the hub and near some of the fireworks viewing areas. But keep in mind that the wreaths closest to the Castle are still Cinderella Carriage-themed.

What a Great Sight

We’re sure this is a very welcome addition for those who might have been very concerned that the Mickey wreaths wouldn’t come back this year.

Such a Cutie

Looks like this town IS big enough for both of these wreaths! No wreath stand-offs needed!

Gotta Look For Him Though!

Which of these wreath designs do you prefer? Tell us in the comments!

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Which Halloween wreaths do you like best? Tell us in the comments!

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