UPDATES Come to Carousel of Progress Finale in Disney World

Many rides in Magic Kingdom have a rich history.

Carousel of Progress

Some rides were there when the park opened like Country Bear Jamboree or the Haunted Mansion. Others are historical not because they were there when the park opened but for other reasons. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress was an attraction that Walt Disney himself debuted at the New York World’s Fair in 1964 and 1965. It opened in the Magic Kingdom in 1975 and has remained there since, but now one scene has received a new look!

The Carousel of Progress has four scenes (five if you count the intro) that take guests through different periods of the 1900s. It starts in the early 1900s, the next scene is set in the 1920s, the third is set in the 1940s, and the final scene brings the family into the 21st century. Given the time period the ride was created, many have felt that as the years go by, this final scene in the 21st century has become outdated. And now Disney has done something about it.

Carousel of Progress

The 21st century scene takes place at Christmastime, with the whole family gathered together. What previously made the scene the most outdated was the clothes that the family wore during the scene, but now those clothes have been updated! Let’s start with our narrator, John. Previously, John wore a blue sweater with a green apron that has poinsettias on it, and his hair was light brown.

John before the update

Now, John’s hair is darker, and he’s wearing a red sweater with a green apron that says “My Food Rocks!” This may be an allusion to the former Food Rocks attraction that was located in EPCOT from 1994 to 2004.

John’s new look!

Sarah, John’s wife, got an updated look as well, with a gray sweater instead of her red one, and a new hairstyle! She’s also swapped her slacks for some jeans.

Sarah’s new look!

The son, James, has traded in his striped sweater for a gray quarter-zip that has a logo on the front. He’s also traded his sneakers for some reindeer slippers. He’s still wearing jeans, but they appear to have been replaced with a darker wash in a more modern-looking style.

Grandma has ditched her old, red dress in favor of this more neutral one with a brown sweater. She’s still wearing the brooch she wore before.

James and Grandma

And finally, over by the Christmas tree, Patricia and Grandpa sit in two armchairs. Instead of a pink sweater and blue pants, Patricia is wearing a sweatshirt that says “Progress Tech” with plaid pajama bottoms and reindeer slippers that match her brother’s. She’s also received a more modern hairstyle and instead of holding a white ski boot, she’s holding a regular pair of boots.


Grandpa has traded in his sweater vest for a cable-knit sweater and a new pair of slacks. He’s still wearing his red tie.

Patricia and Grandpa

We didn’t notice changes in any of the other scenes on the ride, but we’ll be sure to let you know if we do.

If you’re heading to Magic Kingdom soon, be sure to check out the updates to this classic ride, but be aware of some closures that may impact your day. And if you’re interested in seeing characters, check out the Adventure Friends Cavalcade, as Mirabel from Encanto recently made her Magic Kingdom debut in it!

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5 Replies to “UPDATES Come to Carousel of Progress Finale in Disney World”

  1. Has anyone been to this attractions gift shop and seen the Progress U Dept of Urban planning sweatshirt for sale? My daughter is an urban planner and this sweatshirt that Patricia wears would be a total hoot for her! Id love to find it in the gift shop!

  2. Great update, my favorite ride, I dont mind going by myself, it is relaxing and shows what a genius Walt was, slow for my kids but that is what I love, brings me back to my first visit.

  3. They should not have stopped there. how about the kitchen table and chairs right out of the 80’s. The Christmas tree decorations could have been updated as well. For a futuristic look, mom’s trash can should not be full of paper…should be recycling mom, tisk, tisk…lol

  4. I don’t mind that we never see cousin Orville out of the bathroom. I just think that he should have a stocking on the mantle and a chair at the Christmas dinner table. Anyone know the back story for that slight?