NEWS: Disney World’s Face Mask Policy Changing for Select Transportation

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to change and develop, AllEars will be bringing you the latest relevant news that could affect a theme park visit.

Disney World has gone through many changes over the last few years due to the global pandemic, and only recently has it begun to feel like things are getting back to some level of “normal.”

Animal Kingdom Face Mask Signage

Last month, Disney updated their mask policy, which now states that fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear masks indoors. The mask policy did, however, remain in effect for all guests on public transportation, including Disney buses, the Skyliner, and the Monorail. This policy is getting an update, so here’s what you need to know.

Disney just announced that beginning on March 16th, masks will be optional for fully vaccinated guests on the Disney Skyliner. The Disney Skyliner connects guests to EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and select Disney World hotels.

EPCOT’s Disney Skyliner Station

Masks will also be optional for fully vaccinated guests traveling via the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser‘s transport to and from the hotel and Hollywood Studios. This takes place on day two of your stay at the immersive hotel when guests are brought to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Star Wars Hotel Transport

Masks will still be required to be worn by all guests (ages 2 and up) on Disney buses and the Monorail, so keep in mind that you still need to bring a mask to Disney World if you’re planning to use these transportation methods. If you forget your mask, we’ve observed Cast Members handing out masks to guests.

Magic Kingdom Monorail station

We’ll be watching this developing situation closely, so stay tuned to AllEars for more information and updates about this mask policy change.

Has Disney World finally returned to “normal?”

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5 Replies to “NEWS: Disney World’s Face Mask Policy Changing for Select Transportation”

  1. First despite being hi risk I hate wearing these masks but always do.There is now a new variant B2 which is 30% more contagious than Omicron…much more not known yet it’s new…too many visitors to WDW not vaccinated let alone booster….CDC said everything wanes overtime so protection is less. I need to continue wearing mask but nothing is 100% if I’m standing near an unvaccinated on line…or eating….will I get sick? I’m tired of staying home….trip planned for Spring but concerned

    1. Barbara, no need to worry about only the unvaccinated. Vaccinated people can still get COVID and pass it on to you. If you have a huge concern, WDW isn’t the place for you. No crowded place is.

  2. Just rip the band aid off already. We all need to get used to the fact that, just like the different strains of influenza appear each year, Covid will be the same way. They’ll probably have a dual flu/Covid shot down the road to be administered annually.

  3. I am glad that at this point masks are required on the buses and monorails. The way Disney packs people in like sardines on the buses especially gave me some concerns for our trip in June. Hopefully the US will continue to see improvement in Covid, but I have concerns with the increase in China and the UK.

    1. Masks are required on all public transportation in the US due to a federal rule. It expires on April 18 unless the president extends it (which he is not likely to do). Once the federal rule expires, it is highly unlikely that Disney will maintain the mask rule on the buses and monorails. Just an FYI as you plan your trip.