PHOTOS: One Disney World Popcorn Bucket Is VERY Late to the Party

Happy Halloween! Wait…what?

Halloween merchandise

We’ve been seeing some out-of-season merchandise in Disney World lately, which could be due to the world-wide supply chain problems. Whether shipments are arriving late or Disney is just reaching into the back storage to find souvenirs to fill the shelves, not all of the merchandise totally makes sense right now. We just found another out-of-season item that’s actually VERY popular!

If you’re in Magic Kingdom today, you can find light-up Jack Skellington popcorn buckets over in Adventureland! The pumpkin king from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas already took over Christmas, so apparently he’s coming for mid-January next. He must have heard about the Festival of the Arts over in EPCOT and wanted to join in the fun.

Hey Jack, are you lost?

This Jack-themed popcorn bucket is not to be confused with the Annual Passholder–exclusive bucket that we saw in Disney World during the spooky season. The AP Jack Skellington bucket was grumpy (or suspicious maybe?)…

AP-exclusive Jack bucket

…whereas this one looks happy! We’ve seen the happy version over in Disneyland as well. We asked a Disney World Cast Member about this late arrival, and they informed us that Jack has been at this snack stand for about two days, and they plan to sell it at this location for as long as supplies last.

Happy Jack

You do NOT have to be an Annual Passholder to buy the happy Jack Skellington popcorn buckets that we found in Magic Kingdom today. These buckets cost $20.25, and refills are $2.25. (Note that refills used to be $2, but they got a price increase recently.) Head to the popcorn stand in Adventureland to find Jack!

There he is!

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Would you buy a Jack Skellington popcorn bucket in January? Let us know in the comments.

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