The Most Expensive Days to Go to Disney World in 2022

It’s common knowledge that a Walt Disney World vacation is a pricey venture. And most of us are familiar with seasonal pricing as well. But for 2022, with prices seemingly increased across the board, we think it’s time to break it down even more precisely.

Cinderella Castle

Ticket prices range daily in Disney World, with some months having more pricey dates than others. In general, there are a few specific dates and months that are the most expensive to visit Disney World, and most of them involve holidays.

Whether you want to avoid these dates or to start saving your pennies, we’ve got you covered.

We took at look at the Disney World Standard Ticket prices for 2022, which include one park per day and no Park Hopping. These tickets range from $109 all the way to $159, and here are the most EXPENSIVE days to visit Disney World.


Although Spring Break starts in earnest in March, April is often a peak time for many spring break visitors. In 2022, April 6th to the 17th are the priciest days of the month; tickets are $147 each day.

Spaceship Earth

April is a great time for more mild weather in Florida but you can also expect a lot of guests taking advantage of their school break. If you’re planning a trip over your spring break, make sure you plan your budget around the higher ticket prices and expect higher wait times.

PHOTOS: 2021 Spring Break crowds in Disney World!


October is another expensive time to visit Disney World, with many people wanting to check out the fall and Halloween decor around the parks. On October 8th, 9th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, and 30th, ticket prices peak at $144.

Fall in Magic Kingdom!

With Florida weather often cooling down for October along with the festive Halloween decorations, you can probably expect to pay more this month and encounter more crowds. Some schools also have a short fall break for Columbus Day, so you might experience peak crowds around that time.

Videos! You won’t believe the 2021 crowds in Disney World on Halloween!


As Thanksgiving approaches, Disney World ticket prices increase by quite a bit. From November 5th to 6th, 19th to 23rd, and the 26th, you will pay $148 per ticket. And from November 23rd to 25th (aka Thanksgiving weekend), tickets increase to $152.

Christmas in Hollywood Studios

If you’re hoping to celebrate Thanksgiving in Disney World, you will likely have to pay higher ticket prices, so it’s in your best interest to plan your budget accordingly and pack your patience.

Photos and videos: See what Thanksgiving crowds looked like in 2021!


From December 24th to the 31st, ticket prices increase to a whopping $159 per day. With many families on winter break and traveling for the holidays, you’re likely to find very high crowds. Also, early in 2022, January 1st ticket prices were $150, so you can probably expect to pay a top price on that date in 2023, too.

The Holidays in Magic Kingdom

Sure, the holidays are magical in Disney World, but they’re also costly. Cooler weather, winter break, and special holiday events like the Candlelight Processional offer unique experiences this time of year. Just make sure you account for the increase in ticket prices!

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If you’ve got your heart set on visiting Disney World during these times, you can plan ahead by assuming higher costs and crowds. There ARE ways to save money in Disney World, so make sure you check out all your options. And keep reading AllEars for more Disney World planning tips!

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