There’s Some CONFLICT Going On With Disney’s New Pins

Disney recently held their Heroes vs. Villains Digital Pin Trading event, where pin traders had to choose where their loyalties lie and got to see some NEW pins that feature the bravest Disney heroes and the most nefarious villains.


The event was held this past weekend on December 4th. Even if you couldn’t make it to the event, you can check out these pins in Disney World now! Whether you side with the Disney heroes or villains, we think you’ll love some of these pins.

We stopped by Pin Trading in EPCOT to see the new collection of pins.

All the new Heroes and Villains pins

There were all kinds of options available, and all of the pins featured iconic match-ups of heroes and villains.

Heroes and Villains

One set had four pins, and each was divided in half by a sword from the film. On either side was the hero and villain from that story.

Sword pins

Another set had busts of heroes and the villains they oppose, including the Beast and Gaston, Simba and Scar, and more.

Bust Pins

On yet another set, there were several pins that looked like family crests. Some of these featured heroes (like Mulan), while others showed off classic villains (like Cruella de Vil).

Crest pins

We loved the playing card pins, which rotated to show heroes on one side and villains on the other.

Playing card pins

There was a HUGE pin available that also had rotating pictures of heroes on one side and villains on the other.

Heroes and Villains pin

There were nemeses from Jungle Book, The Incredibles, 101 Dalmatians, Princess and the Frog, and Tangled.

Here’s a look at the back

There were so many different options to choose from! Whoever your favorite Disney hero-villain match-up is, odds are good that you’ll find a pin for them here.

So many options!

Head on down to Pin Trading to check out this collection in EPCOT.

Pin Trading Display

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Who is your favorite Disney hero-villain match-up? Let us know in the comments!

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