Our Idea for an EPIC Halloween Horror Nights Scare Zone

Halloween Horror Nights is here, and we’ve checked out all the spooky and scary things Universal Orlando has to offer this year!

Spooky time!

While most of Universal Studios gets transformed, with haunted houses and scare actors almost everywhere, there is a popular area that has remained untouched. 

Here is our idea for an EPIC Halloween Horror Nights Scare Zone at Universal Orlando!

Two words: Harry. Potter.

Yep, we think Harry Potter deserves to get in on the spooky season! The WHOLE area of Diagon Alley stays the same during Horror Nights, and it has SO much potential. Think of all the possibilities! Or don’t, because we’re going to lay out some of our favorite ideas to make it into a scare zone.

Give the people what they want!

The whole vibe would be similar to the defunct Diagon Alley from Half Blood Prince when it’s overrun with Death Eaters, because that’s when it’s the most scary! The Death Eaters would be everywhere, with those scary masks, and even actors that look like the specific Death Eater they’re portraying without the mask. 

Spooky vibes

We would love to see actors portraying the movie characters, kind of like they do in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! Some of our picks would be for Bellatrix Lestrange, Draco Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy, Barty Crouch, Jr., Grayback, and, of course, the Dark Lord himself, Voldemort.


Universal could change the interactive wand spots to have something scary or bad happen when you use your want there, too — like spiders crawling out or something breaking!

Wands up

We don’t know how they would do it, but the Dark Mark should be displayed in the sky over the alley. Maybe they could use drones, fireworks, or some type of projection show that happens every 30 minutes. And the good ol’ dragon on top of Gringotts should breathe out green fire instead of the normal fire! Extra spooky.

Diagon Alley

Speaking of Gringotts, we want a ride overlay! In the overlay, maybe you wouldn’t be successful in your mission and Voldemort would capture you! Or really just anything to make it scarier. There also needs to be scary creatures around the area, like the Basilisk, a Boggart, or Aragog that could be interactive and used as photo ops.


Taking over the stage show would be Voldemort being reborn in the cauldron, like the scene in Goblet of Fire. How awesome would that be?!

The Tale of Three Brothers

Also, remember the creepy witches and wizards lurking around Knockturn Alley in Chamber of Secrets, like the guy that talks to the wall? Yeah, we want those too!

Knockturn Alley

Oh, and how could we forget — Dementors obviously need to be a huge part of this overlay. They would fly around, and when they get near you, you would feel a rush of cold air (seems like Universal could invent something to do that, right?).

The Tale of Three Brothers

And as cool as Floo powder is, it can be a bit startling. We want to see it going off randomly and scaring people around Diagon Alley!

Diagon Alley

Now, for the food and drinks. We definitely have to have themed food items! For drinks, we’re thinking Polyjuice Potion, Unicorn Blood, Wolfsbane Potion, and Draught of Living Death.

Leaky Cauldron!

As for food, we think Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour should turn spooky. Maybe it could be taken over by Wormtail! Doesn’t that just fit for some reason? Wormtail running a spooky ice cream shop? The flavors would be renamed for the evening to represent things a bit more creepy.

New flavors for spooky season?!

There should also be some savory food, like something Merpeople would eat (could be seafood) or horcrux-themed food. Another idea is to have the food Kreature makes for Harry, Ron, and Hermione before he starts liking them in the Deathly Hallows.

The food is too comforting to be scary right now

And we’re going to get a little crazy here — we want a haunted house, too! Think about how amazing it could be with the vast amount of material available. There could be a part that’s like the maze in Goblet of Fire, with creatures popping out and a zombie Cedric Diggory, ending at the graveyard. Then, we could walk through Azkaban prison and see dementors and prisoners behind bars.

Give us a haunted house!

We could also attend a Death Day party at Hogwarts (as it does take place on Halloween). And to get around going to Hogwarts without getting on the Hogwarts express, we could use Floo powder! This could then extend into the Forbidden Forest, where we would meet many scary creatures and see Voldemort drinking the unicorn blood. This section could also include the Shrieking Shack and the Womping Willow!

Diagon Alley

Finally, in the London area in Universal Studios, we could enter 12 Grimmauld Place and be met with the SCREAMING portrait of Mrs. Black, which could be played by a very talented actor. There also would be house elf heads on the walls, of course!

Universal Studios

Universal, what do you think? Want to collaborate with us? But seriously, this would be so awesome to experience, especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan! But for now, we’ll keep dreaming and thinking of other ideas. Stay tuned to All Ears for more Universal news and updates.

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What do you think of our idea?! Would you visit this scare zone? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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