A Mega Harry Potter Fan’s Gripes with Universal’s Wizarding World

Hello, there. My name is Molly, and I am a HUGE Harry Potter dork.

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

I am always listening to one of the books in my car, have multiple wands, know all the movies by heart, and cry every time my favorite characters die. So it comes as no surprise that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one of my favorite places!c

I’ve never been so excited to visit a theme park land! I delight in each sip of Butterbeer, each wave of my wand, and each spin on Sirius’ motorbike. I am giddy with every Hogwarts Express ride, every Chocolate Frog card, and every time the dragon breathes fire.

I say all this to establish my love for not only Harry Potter, but Universal‘s incredible lands. HOWEVER, amidst all the magic and detail, I do have three (small) gripes that I must get off my chest.

A Mega Harry Potter Fan’s Gripes with Universal’s Wizarding World

1. Not My Hermione

Okay, first and most notable is on the Hogwarts Express. As you sit in your cabin, taking in the outdoor scenery, memorable characters such as Harry, Ron, and Hermione walk through the hallway. You’ll see their shadows and hear them chat about the goings-on on the train…and by them, I mean Ron, a decent Harry impersonator, and some random woman who I assume has never done a British accent before this moment in her life.

Hogwarts Express Cabin

I understand that Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe had moved on to bigger and better things, and didn’t want to be stuck playing the same roles for the rest of their lives. But, how is it possible to be THIS far off Hermione? Truly, it’s the female version of Dick Van Dyke’s cockney accent in Mary Poppins.

It’s bad. And if you’ve never noticed before (HOW?), I guarantee you will now. I am sorry.

2. Shhh…It’s a Horcrux.

An absolute MUST ride when visiting is Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts. As the story goes, you’re touring the Wizarding bank at the EXACT moment Harry, Ron, and Hermione are breaking into Bellatrix’s vault to steal the Horcrux (Hufflepuff’s cup.) Fine, I’ll buy it.


As they escape on the dragon, Harry shouts to Bill “we’ve got the horcrux, we gotta go!”

UHHHHHHHH. As a reminder, Dumbledore swore Harry to secrecy (apart from Ron and Hermione), and he refused to tell Lupin, Molly, Arthur, and McGonagall but he just casually told BILL!?! No. I will not buy this.

3. DADA Mix-up

Like any good Potterhead, I love Defense Against the Dark Arts. It’s such a crucial storyline in the books and movies — we get to meet a new and intriguing professor each year, plus Harry learns some of his most important spells in this class. When strolling through Hogwarts in the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey queue, you get to walk through the DADA classroom. But this set up just doesn’t sit right:

Defense Against the Dark Arts Desk
Defense Against the Dark Arts Bulletin Board

On the desk, you’ll find one of my favorite details — the Dark Arts Defence – Basics for Beginners book. Movie fans may remember this is the book Professor Umbridge assigns to Harry and pals in their fifth year. (I say movie because in the book she assigns Defensive Magical Theory.)

However, on the board, you’ll see a lesson about Dementors and casting a Patronus Charm. This makes no sense. For starters, if this is Umbridge’s classroom, there is no way she is teaching the students how to cast a Patronus, considering she only taught theory and never action. Maybe it’s Lupin’s class you say? Lupin never taught the class how to cast a Patronus. He only taught Harry in his third year in one-on-one classes in his office. Maybe the board is Harry’s writing during his Dumbledore’s Army sessions?! Those were fifth year! Yes, they were, but they were also in the Room of Requirement, not the classroom.

CAN ANYONE ANSWER THIS!? Please, I can’t sleep at night.

Ultimately, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is incredible, and I am constantly delighted by the details and immersion. It’s overwhelmingly magical and amazing, and I’m thankful such a place exists where people like me can have their favorite story come to life around them! Just try to ignore Hermione.

Have you ever noticed these details in the Wizarding World? Let us know in the comments!

Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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10 Replies to “A Mega Harry Potter Fan’s Gripes with Universal’s Wizarding World”

  1. I totally noticed the Hermione voice–terrible. I’m a huge fan too and cried the first time I walked into Hogsmeade and saw Hogwarts. Didn’t notice other things, but I haven’t been on those rides a whole lot (only twice for Gringotts).

  2. You know I always wished that Harry and Hermione would have wound up together in the end. I was never a fan of Ron and Hermione as a couple. I wanted Ginny to wind up with Neville, and Ron to wind up with Luna.

  3. What if they added cool events like the Yule Ball!!!!! That would be awesome!!!!!! What about the Quidditch World Cup!!!! That would be really cool too!!!!!!!

  4. I think they should add Privet Drive and the Burrow to the theme park. Let us have a ride on the Knight Bus and the Flying Car!!!!

  5. There are three different Harry Potter universes. The Book Universe, the Movie Universe, and the Theme Park Universe. Think of it that way. Maybe that will explain it for you

  6. I’m actually a Ravenclaw, so I am not typically a part of the Griffendor-Slytherin debate, so I don’t particularly have an opinion on the matter. Also, anyone have any idea why spellcheck is super bad at house names?!? It changes Griffendor to Fridge Door, Ravenclaw to. Rave’s law, Hufflepuff to I’ll huff and puff, and Slytherin to Slithering.

  7. For your DADA comment, it could be explained as not being Harry’s class, but an upper class that is leaning about Dementors. The same professor teachers 1st years all the way up.

  8. I am a big Harry Potter fanatic too. But I still don’t agree with or understand why Molly is constantly siding with Slytherin!!!!! I am 100 percent Gryffindor all the way!!!!!!