AllEars TV: Should You PAY To Skip the Lines in Disney World?

Genie+ is here…but is it worth it? Are you doomed to long lines if you don’t pay? Molly and Quincy are here to put this to the test!

Cinderella Castle

Quincy is paying for Genie+ and Fancy Rides Lighting Lane access, Molly is using her theme park knowledge and the free Genie. Who will finish first? Who will spend more time in line? Time to find out!

Click Below to see Quincy and Molly Test out Genie+!

What’s your favorite ride in Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 Replies to “AllEars TV: Should You PAY To Skip the Lines in Disney World?”

  1. very interesting
    of course past performance is no guarantee of the future
    I would like to see one on Hollywood Studios

  2. So whats the answer to the question? 51 minute video, wow. Maybe if the video was 15 minutes maybe i would watch it.

  3. Enjoyed this video. Looking forward to you and Quincy doing the comparison at Hollywood before our visit on dec 9! I’m also looking forward to any recommendations on what to do on long time breaks between fast passes at Hollywood . Loosing existing fast passes while Fiddle faddling is scary for me since I’m 73 and don’t have very fast fingers!