PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Easter Eggs You Might Miss Inside EPCOT’s Space 220

Space 220 has officially opened in EPCOT!

Space 220

Taking guests a whopping 220 miles from Earth up into space for lunch and dinner, we’ve been bringing you a look inside the brand new restaurant all day (and there’s more to come!). But, the prix fixe meals and lounge aren’t the only things to look forward to when you’re visiting the Centauri Space Station — we’re bringing you a look at ALL of the hidden details and easter eggs you can spot in space! 

Now, there are a lot of cool details from the second that you step into the Space 220 Departure Lounge (aka, entrance) including a journey on one of two Stellavators (or space elevators) where you can watch as EPCOT disappears…

…and a futuristic display of lettuce growing up on the space station.

Space lettuce!

But, there are also some little details to look out for during your meal! The Centauri Space Station is also home to “long-term residents” and they often head out into space to do some recreational activities, which you can watch!

Keep an eye outside for some fun easter eggs and details!

So, you might get to see some astronauts out doing aerobics or even walking their dog!

And, if you watch closely, you can spot some easter eggs from other Disney World space attractions. For example, there’s an astronaut who is playing with something that looks a lot like an X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars

…and two other astronauts aren’t hiding their Star Wars fandom nearly as well, as they’re caught up in a full-on lightsaber battle.

Plus, you can even see the X-2 Deep Space Shuttle which is the aircraft that a 4-cadet crew boards and navigates into space on Mission: SPACE.

X-2 Deep Space Shuttle

Besides what you can see outside, there are also some little details around the restaurant to remind you that you truly are in space. For example, all of the bathroom signs feature people dressed up as astronauts…

Bathroom signs feature astronauts

…including babies!

Babies included!

And, there’s even signage around to let you know what would happen in the case that the restaurant lost its artificial gravity.

Ya know, just in case!

So, you’ll want to be sure that you’re not just focused on the food when you head up to Space 220 on your next visit! Of course, we’ll continue to bring you everything that you need to know about the new restaurant, so be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for more!

Check Out ALL the Food and Drink You Can Order in Space 220!

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