Two Easy Things Disney Could Bring Back But Hasn’t

In the past few weeks, we’ve begun to notice a lot of big changes at Disney World.

Things are changing in Disney World right now!

Temperature checks have disappeared, social distancing has been decreased, and face mask guidelines have been relaxed. Hotels and restaurants are reopening right and left, but there are still a few things that Disney hasn’t brought back yet — two of which we don’t really understand!

Transportation is a big part of a Disney World vacation, especially if you’re staying on property and trying to hop around all over the place. Many forms of Disney transportation have returned already, but two often-forgotten options are still missing: the parking lot trams and the buses between the parks and Disney Springs.

Animal Kingdom bus stop.

Let’s start with the parking trams. Previously, Disney ran trams through their parking lots to the park entrances so that guests wouldn’t have long walks to and from their cars at the beginning and end of the day. When the parks reopened, the trams weren’t in operation, likely due to physical distancing, but with distancing going away, these still have not returned.

This sign makes us sad!

Last year when park capacity was lower and fewer guests were visiting, the trams being gone wasn’t really a big deal, considering the parking lots weren’t very full. But now, as more guests return, we definitely feel the loss of those trams — especially on particularly busy days or days that are insanely hot.

We can’t wait to ride them again!

As far as the buses to Disney Springs go, we’re not quite sure why they haven’t returned either. They previously only ran later in the day to prevent guests from parking at Disney Springs and avoiding the fees at the parks. But, it was great to be able to hop on a bus after a day at Magic Kingdom and head to Disney Springs for a delicious meal and some end-of-the-night shopping.

It would be so easy to bus to Disney Springs!

However, since the reopening, these buses haven’t been operating at all. Nowadays, you’ll have to head to a Disney Resort and then hop on a bus to Disney Springs from there, adding an extra step to your plans. And with the late-night dining options fairly limited right now, we imagine that this route would be pretty popular (especially leaving from Animal Kingdom, which usually closes pretty early).

No options on the sign!

So why aren’t either of these options back yet? Only Disney knows. It could be any number of reasons from staffing issues to low demand to the fact that maybe they’re just not very high on the list of reopening priorities. Either way, we hope that they return soon because a good experience with transportation can make or break your Disney day!

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What’s your favorite form of Disney transportation? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Replies to “Two Easy Things Disney Could Bring Back But Hasn’t”

  1. From the parks, take a bus to Saratoga Springs, get off at the Congress Park stop, and it’s a short walk to Disney Springs.