6 ‘WandaVision’ Theories You Need to Read Before the Finale

Well, after that last episode of WandaVision, we’ve shed some tears for our poor, sweet Wanda. Oh, and we’re also pretty terrified of what that end credits scene means for the show’s finale.


But, here we are — only one episode away from the epic conclusion to the series we’re SURE is going to have us in our feels. Yet, we can’t help but backtrack through our theories after some of the biggest recent reveals. So, we’re expanding on our past thoughts, making a few changes to our ideas, and bringing YOU the WandaVision theories you need to know about before next week’s finale!

Monica Rambeau’s FULL Spectrum Powers

We all know it’s coming, Marvel! The last time we saw our newly minted superhero, she was put under the control of Agatha after discovering her powers had gotten stronger upon entering WestView again. But, Agatha has got a LOT on her plate (ya know, being a supervillain witch and all), so we’re sure Monica is at the bottom of her priority list.


At some point, we think Monica will shake free from Agatha’s control and lose “Fietro” from her tail so she can help free Wanda. Monica actually might be the only one to convince Wanda to take down the Hex (that is, unless it isn’t forced down prior to her arrival).


We already know at this point that Monica will be appearing in Captain Marvel 2, so there isn’t TOO much to worry about when it comes to the safety of her character. But, she will have a whole lot to process now that she has superpowers. She’ll have a very different role in both S.W.O.R.D. and the state of the universe.

Fake Pietro (aka”Fietro”) and the Multiverse

Welp, it’s been confirmed that Evan Peters’s “Peter Maximoff” is indeed NOT the Pietro we’ve seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron. While Agnes showed her control over Peter at the end of episode 7 with some further explanation in episode 8, there still hasn’t been a big reveal about how Peter ended up in WestView.


So, that means we’re still plowing full-steam ahead with some hint (any hint, please) towards the existence of the multiverse. Vision may need to access Peter’s memories to reveal exactly who he is before they attempt to return him to the X-Men part of the multiverse.

That’s not Pietro! ©Marvel

We’ve gotten a few pretty plausible rumors that Doctor Strange may appear in this final episode of WandaVision, so he could be the one to return Peter to his rightful place in the universe. In the process, though, X-Men could be officially inducted into the MCU, leading to possible reboots and maybe even a Magneto appearance.

Agatha Harkness’s Intentions

While we’re supposed to hate Agatha Harkness, actress Kathryn Hahn makes it VERY difficult to do anything but love her. Yet, those final moments of episode 8 clearly give us the idea that she is NOT someone to be messed with (not even by Wanda). Earlier in the episode, Agatha was able to use her powers during the Salem Witch Trial era to kill her entire coven and absorb their powers as well.


Now, she’s got Billy and Tommy roped up with the same magic, which could have some major repercussions. In the comics, Billy and Tommy are reabsorbed as pieces of Mephisto’s soul. And, then they are reincarnated to become part of the Young Avengers (it’s all pretty confusing). But, it doesn’t seem like Marvel will go down THAT full route just yet.


BUT, we could see Wanda’s kids become sick from Agatha’s magic or possibly kidnapped with the emergence of an even bigger baddie (we’ll swing back around to it). It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Agatha try to take the twins’ powers or Wanda’s powers for that matter since she was so interested in the “chaos magic” of our Scarlet Witch.


Agatha hasn’t revealed her true intentions about being in WestView yet either. While she could be coming to consume Wanda’s magic or learn how to control something like the Hex, she could also be working for someone else to keep an eye on the twins.


Agatha is invested in them in the comics, so we’ve really got a feeling that there’s something more than meets the eye about her involvement in WestView.

Doctor Strange’s Appearance

Wanda will be making an appearance in the upcoming film, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. So, Marvel’s going to have to set this up SOMEHOW in WandaVision, most likely with the appearance of one Stephen Strange.


Since he is the guardian of the Time Stone, there are probably some very wonky things happening throughout the multiverse now that it’s (very likely) been torn open. Doctor Strange may have to come to Wanda’s aid to clean up the mess, return Peter Maximoff to his respective multiverse, and discover that there are a lot of other problems he’ll have to explore.


He may train Wanda as his apprentice after the conclusion of the series, so there is some ground to cover with Doctor Strange.

White Vision

After the trauma that we saw occur in Wanda’s life, we couldn’t help but feel angry when White Vision appeared at the end of episode 8. Can’t Wanda catch a BREAK?! We weren’t surprised that Hayward turned out to be a liar who was attempting to build a weapon of mass destruction under the S.W.O.R.D. guise.


But, in case you don’t know much about White Vision, he is BAD news. In the comics, he is basically cleansed (hence the white color) of all things that once made Vision himself. We’re talking no emotions, no compassion, NOTHING.

Vision Body ©Disney/Marvel

This poses a lot of questions for us about what could happen next with White Vision. He’s going to cause some major chaos in WestView clearly. But, he could be damaged and taken back by S.W.O.R.D. to be revamped at a later time and date. Or, the WestView Vision could battle him and eventually become one with him. This could possibly wipe all Vision’s memories of Wanda and practically factory reset him to his first physical appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Will the real Vision please stand up? ©Disney/Marvel

Marvel may even go down an absolutely brutal route and kill off any remnant of Vision whatsoever in a giant battle. There’s a lot at stake here for Wanda with White Vision, but we think this is going to play more into what happens next for the Vision in the Hex.

Nightmare, Mephisto, Some Other Wild Big Baddie???

There are a LOT of villains in WandaVision right now. We’ve got Agatha, White Vision, and Tyler Hayward… but we’re still stuck on the fact that there still might be another big baddie in the mix. Marvel has just given us too many clues towards the involvement of Mephisto so far for it to be a coincidence.


Yet, the last episode has us fixing up our theories because Nightmare might actually be a MASSIVE contender for our villain. There’s been a dream-like state to WestView since episode 1. But, one line really stood out to us in episode 8. After the bombing in her family’s Sokovia apartment, Wanda references the Dick Van Dyke show when she says “by the end of the episode, you realize it was all a bad dream. None of it was real.

Young Pietro and Wanda ©Disney/Marvel

If that isn’t a major clue toward Nightmare’s involvement, we don’t know what is! We’ve already stated that Marvel could end up combining Mephisto and Nightmare together. Or, maybe, they’re even working as a team at this point. WandaVision may not completely give us all the details about their involvement, but we expect to see the first few signs towards our next MCU supervillain sometime soon.


There’s a lot to think about before the final episode of WandaVision. And, we’re honestly going to miss tuning into it every week once it wraps things up! But, we’ll be back to talk about what happens in episode 9, and what it means for the MCU moving forward!

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What do you think is going to happen in the season finale of WandaVision? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I would not be surprised if the MCU version of Nightmare will be used in place of hiw Mephisto was used in the comics. Mephisto is basically the Marvel universe’s devil, and that may be a little too intense for a modern Disney live action universe.