NEWS: Disney World Will Stop Mailing Souvenir Luggage Tags and Magical Extras in January

Many Disney World experiences have changed this year and will continue to adjust in 2021.

Walt Disney World Entrance

Complimentary MagicBands will no longer be distributed to guests arriving on and after January 1st, 2021. We’ll also see a modified version of Park Hopping return in January. Disney has announced one more adjustment coming next month.

Previously, guests would receive souvenir luggage tags and the Magical Extras discount card in the mail prior to their vacation. Starting with arrivals on January 1st, 2021, guests will no longer be mailed either item prior to their trip.

All-Star Movies Resort Room

Instead, the Magical Extras card and souvenir tags will be held at the front desk at the Disney World resort hotels for guest pick-up.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort Lobby

Guests staying at Disney Springs resorts and other Disney-affiliated hotels will continue to pick up at the front desk as well.

B Resort ©Disney

January is already set to bring changes and modifications to the theme parks and experiences. We’ll continue to update you on more news regarding Disney World!

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18 Replies to “NEWS: Disney World Will Stop Mailing Souvenir Luggage Tags and Magical Extras in January”

  1. There’s not much left for Disney to take away they previously provided as the extras to make your trip to WDW magical. I don’t really see any reason for Disney to stop luggage service other than to save money. What I see here is that crowds and lines are increasing, rides are becoming filled, rather than seats or rows being held vacant, but no thank you from Disney for allegiance to vacationing at WDW. I believe the term you might be looking for is being taken for granted. I get not mailing magic bands or luggage tags to you before you travel. But making the vacation, itself, magical would seem to be in Disney’s best interest. Making a family of four work from the time they leave home until they return seems to me counterproductive. All the things that make going to Disney worthwhile making up for waiting in long lines for a two minute ride, having to make fast pass selections and dinner reservations weeks or months in advance, and spending lots of money are gone. And people like us won’t be able to tell their friends any more “I know the lines are long, but…”

  2. I believe this is referring to the plastic keepsake luggage tags with the picture of a Disney character, not the yellow ones used for the magical express. The keepsake tags are the ones that you would put your personal information on and then attach to your luggage. They were usually sent in the same package as the magic bands. The yellow airport tags are sent separately.

  3. I don’t think this is referring to the yellow tags that are put on your luggage to indicate that you are taking the Magical Express. With my previous 3 trips to Disney World, we received actual, plastic luggage tags that had a Disney character on them. These are the ones that you print your name and address on for identification, not the yellow ones that the airport uses to direct your bag.
    At any rate, I am sad to see them go. We looked forward to getting them and deciding who got which character.

  4. Seems we are losing many of the little things that made a disney vacation magical. I realize the pandemic is behind alot of these decisions but I dont think of the small things that make a Diney vacation special will not return. Maybe time to rethink my annual vacation destination, for the 5000 to 7000 dollars I spend every year on a Disney vacation there are many other options

  5. More and more the Magic is disappearing but yet we continue to pay more and even as a Vacation Club member there is less value to our membership. This is very disappointing and not what I expect from my “Magical” place.

    1. …yet they still want the dues, fees, and taxes as if we were ever even able to use it this year…and we’re not getting any benefit or “incentive” later for this

  6. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. We are flying down and would need luggage tags to put on and then take the magical bus to our hotel. Now we only get tags at the hotel for the return trip home? And no mailed magic bands which the kids looked forward to? What is my DVC membership paying for anymore? The rates NEVER GO DOWN! What a rip off.

    1. Hi Carol! This is referring to the souvenir luggage tags that had been sent prior to your trip — they will now instead be available for pick up at the hotel. Let us know if you have any further questions! 🙂

  7. Using Disney’s Magical Express as your cover photo for this article is very confusing for most. The luggage tags are not related to Magical Express and this has long caused confusion between the Magical Express tags (pre-Covid that sent bags directly to the resort) and souvenir luggage tags referenced here that can be attached to luggage with your name and contact details in the event of lost luggage.

    It’s also not clarified that these were only sent with packages and not with room only reservations.

  8. Basically you get a free ride from the airport to your Disney Resort. No yellow luggage tags are needed because yes, you have to get your own luggage off carousel in Orlando Airport. Then you have to schlep your luggage to Disney Magical express area where the bus awaits. The bus driver takes your luggage and puts it under the bus. When you arrive at resort, you have to take your luggage to your room. If your room is ready, you take your luggage right to your room. Disney will help you via their luggage truck. We rode along too. Driver was so so nice. When your vacation is over, bus again puts your luggage under the bus. You have to check your luggage at the appropriate airline counter. No more your luggage magically appears at your home airport. Yes, it’s a lot. We were pampered. I miss the complimentary service, but it’s doable. . Such is life! We still get a free ride to and from. Why Disney would hand out luggage tags when you get there is beyond me.

  9. Will Disney still mail the luggage tags that direct luggage to the resorts or will guests now need to retrieve their luggage from the airport baggage carousel?