NEWS: California’s Daily New COVID Numbers Down Nearly 40% Since the State Issued Its Stay-at-Home Order

California has been seeing a variety of new guidelines and restrictions as the state has gone under stay-at-home orders with record-high cases recently.

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However, the new restrictions have caused California to see a few changes in its current case numbers.

Deadline has reported that California’s daily new case numbers have gone down 40% after much of the state went into lockdown. After Governor Gavin Newsom put many counties under lockdown almost two weeks ago, the numbers have dropped from a high of 53,711 cases reported last Wednesday to 32,659 cases on Tuesday. This is a 39.2% drop in less than a week.

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Two of the state’s five regions quickly went under the lockdown orders with Southern California soon following the same stay-at-home restrictions on December 6th. During a recent news conference, Governor Newsom stated that the numbers were “tracking slightly lower” than the average.

He has also noted “as relates to the data that’s come in the last four days if we may be seeing a modest — very modest — decrease in the total case growth rate. Still too early to tell…but we’ll take a look at this in the next few days and come back…to give you our professional assessment.”

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However, there is still a ways to go as Tuesday’s number is still much higher than the daily count — 20,759 — before the restrictions were put in place. In order to continue trending downward with the cases, Newsom has stated that California would most likely be extended past the current 3-week stay-at-home order, which will expire in Southern California on December 30th.


Newsom said that “Based upon all the data, it’s very likely that we’re going to extend the stay at home order.” Additional parts of the state in San Joaquin Valley will be operating with extended restriction since the hospitals are at 0% ICU capacity. As more details about the California restrictions continue to be revealed, we’ll be sure to update you on everything you need to know!

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2 Replies to “NEWS: California’s Daily New COVID Numbers Down Nearly 40% Since the State Issued Its Stay-at-Home Order”

  1. You can’t just look at day-to-day increases. As Chad already stated, the 7-day average (a measure used because not all states and counties report numbers everyday) dropped merely from 44,000 to 41,000, a modest 7% decline. It’s a start, but far from what the sensationalistic headline indicates.

  2. Ha ha…nope! 7 day average for California as of Dec 23 is still 41,000 new cases per day. Highest was 44k last week. A 40 percent drop is a fantasy!