The WORST Ride in Disney World. Do You Agree?

There are some vastly differing opinions out there when it comes to Disney rides and attractions!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Based on the questions we’ve asked our readers and reviews from our website, we’ve seen a lot of these opinions shared. We’ve had readers share their most overrated attractions, their favorite (and least favorite) in each park, and we’ve asked the question “If you could only ride one Disney ride for the rest of your life, which would you choose?“.

Yesterday we put up a poll on Facebook, asking “If you had to pick one, what’s the worst ride in Disney World?” With hundreds of comments, people had a lot of things to say, and some very differing opinions. We’ve compiled all of their answers into the chart below:

What’s the Worst Ride in Disney World?

Let’s break down the top answers!


So, why did Dinosaur make your list? Readers who chose the blast to the plast attraction all seemed to agree on one thing — the ride is rough…literally. The jerky motions and sharp turns seemed to be consistent feedback from our readers who named this as their least favorite ride in Disney World.


3. “it’s a small world”

18% of our readers voted for this classic attraction in Walt Disney World. Many of the comments voicing their choice for the colorful ride seemed to agree on the reason, and that is the iconic song!

it’s a small world

2. Mission: SPACE

Coming in the second spot is the ride that was also recently named as the “most skippable” attraction. With 18% of the vote, many of our readers cited the fact that it makes them sick, it’s way too intense, or that the ride system is not the best for those who are claustrophobic. While intense, the ride does offer both Green and Orange versions for those that are looking to enjoy a space adventure without the intensity of the original, so while it may not be everyone’s favorite, there is a version for both parties!

Mission: SPACE

1. Tomorrowland Speedway

With 20% of the vote, Tomorrowland Speedway was the ride that received the most votes. So, why did it land the top spot? The answers were pretty consistent across the board — it’s “too slow”, and leaves the area smelling like fumes.

While the classic attraction may have garnered the top spot, it is worth noting that many readers commented agreeing that this ride could hold a special spot for kids, who will enjoy getting the chance to get behind the wheel of their own vehicle on the speedway.

Tomorrowland Speedway

While these may have been named as the “worst rides” in Disney World, it is worth noting an honorable mention that came up again and again on our list — the “Tragical Express”, aka the ride back to the airport from your Disney trip!

Disney’s Magical Express

With such a wide variety of rides at Disney World, it’s natural that people will have differing opinions on what would be their favorite or least favorite at the parks. What may be one person’s “worst” ride, could be another’s favorite at Walt Disney World! So, do you agree with what were named as the top? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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Do you agree or disagree with this list? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 Replies to “The WORST Ride in Disney World. Do You Agree?”

  1. It’s a Small World! It is iconic!! It is the first ride people think of when they think Magic Kingdom. As children we LOVED it…as an adult it’s a quiet few minutes to relax!!!

  2. While It’s a Small World can be audibly annoying. It is a great place to go to cool off on a HOT day. The line is never that long and you can sit and chill on a boat ride for a few minutes.

  3. Disagree. Love the speedway, it’s fun and silly. Same with small world. Mission Space is not great and Dinosaur breaks down way too much.

  4. As I have posted in numerous venues, it would not take much imagineering to make this attraction relevant again. Replace the 70’s era go carts with electric powered Tesla roadsters powered by induction embedded in the track. You could even let people experience first hand some of the automation technology being developed. All the technology needed already exists and people would line up for it.

  5. I was so glad that my youngest child now has his driver’s license and we do not have to do Tomorrowland Speedway any longer! Although he did say a few weeks ago when we were there that he wanted to do it. No! You can drive a real car! We aren’t wasting time on that. 🙂