Disney’s Haunted Mansion Has Changed the Way Groups Are Seated on the Attraction

Disney has adjusted the way guests experience attractions and rides in the theme parks.

Haunted Mansion

Disney World rides now have distanced seating or plexiglass barries installed. The new arrangements are used to follow the health and safety guidelines and allow for physical distancing. Over the months, Disney has been adjusting the way attractions are handled while crowds increase and experiences change. We noticed something new when riding the Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom today.

The Haunted Mansion has cut most of the preshow and has been seating guests in distanced Doom Buggys. Usually, we are sat with a Doom Buggy between other groups. Today, however, about 5 Doom Buggies containing separate parties were sat directly next to each other. As always, travel groups can only sit with each other inside the buggies.

Haunted Mansion Skipped Preshow

This may not be the first time that the Haunted Mansion has arranged seating in this way. Although it’s something to be aware of on your next visit to the attraction, we’ll keep you updated if we see any further changes

Have you visited the Haunted Mansion recently? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Disney’s Haunted Mansion Has Changed the Way Groups Are Seated on the Attraction”

  1. We were just there for 16 days and it certainly felt like 25% was a push especially in close areas like Fantasyland where the walk narrows between Peter Pan and Small World. There were limited “mask police” and many were eating and walking or wearing a mask beneath their nose. When there was an employee who saw the eating and drinking they corrected it.
    It was a little more overwhelming than we thought.
    Although many empty hand sanitizers they were plentiful!
    We are due back in February hope it’s quieter!
    They are definitely doing things right

  2. They need to turn the lights up a little and slow the doom buggies down a little to be able to see everything it goes too fast now and you miss details walt would agree with me he would want you to receive the whole spooky experience like it was in the 1970s 80s and 90s till suddenly now