CUTE ALERT! There’s a NEW Baby Giraffe Over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

We have been eagerly anticipating September 25th since it was announced that National Geographic’s Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom was going to be premiering on Disney+.

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

So imagine our delight when we learned that another premiere was made this week as well! The savannah has a new resident and she is adorable!

It’s a girl! Very early on Tuesday September 22nd a baby girl was born to Masai Giraffe momma, Mara. Disney reports that she was 156 pounds at birth (that’s a big baby!). Zookeepers noted that she was feisty on day one and is bonding well with her mom.

New Baby Giraffe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom ©Disney

This little girl doesn’t have a name yet, and it will be several weeks before she meets her developmental milestones and she and Mara are able to join the rest of her group back on the savannah. We look forward to seeing the newest addition with her tower (the name for a group of giraffes) soon!


In Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom we’ll meet this new little one’s grandmother, Kenya, as she has her hooves trimmed, so keep your eyes peeled!

Check Out the New Trailer for Disney+’s Upcoming “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom”!

As soon as we have new info to share about this special delivery we will let you know!

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