These Are Where You Can Find the Mask-Free Relaxation Stations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

We’re currently at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on its grand reopening day!

We’re back in Hollywood Studios!

Last week we shared the “Relaxation Stations” in Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, which are designated areas where guests can have a little “mask-free” time. Most recently, we’ve shared similar spots at EPCOT! Today, let’s check out Hollywood Studios!

Here’s a first look at the Relaxation Zones in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Hollywood Studio has two Relaxation Station locations in the park.

The first one we spotted is in Galaxy’s Edge, near Rise of the Resistance.  

Relaxation Station

We noticed hand sanitizer at the entrance to this location, as we have with the others stations at the Disney parks. This station is outdoors, with tables and seating available, as well as several umbrellas to provide shade.

Relaxation Station

The other Relaxation Station is the Star Wars Launch Bay. 

Star Wars Launch Bay Relaxation Station

This one is fun because you can take your mask off as you sit amongst cool Star Wars props and memorabilia!

Star Wars Launch Bay Relaxation Station

Of all of the relaxation stations we’ve visited across the park, this was one of the more sprawling, enjoyable locations. You could check out Star Wars goodies and cool off in the air conditioning.

Star Wars Launch Bay Relaxation Station

These areas are great for when you need a few “mask-free” moments while enjoying a snack — or even just to sit and relax!

Do you think you’ll visit the Relaxation Stations on your next trip to Disney World? Let us know in the comments!


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