News: Mayor of Florida’s Orange County Considering Face Mask Mandate

Florida tourism is slowly coming back, with Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, and other theme parks reopened. And select Walt Disney World hotels’ reopening date is right around the corner!

Face Coverings for Sale at Universal Studios Store

While most of these spots are, or will be, requiring face coverings in order to enter, Florida as a state has no such requirement, and neither does Florida’s Orange County.

Today, it was reported that Orange County’s coronavirus cases were up 202% from the previous week, according to WMFE. With high traffic areas like parks and beaches open, Mayor Jerry Dennings fears a second spike in positive cases.


Mayor Dennings is considering making wearing face coverings mandatory for certain businesses, though what that will look like is yet to be seen.

Universal’s New Face Masks

“We want to have primarily voluntary compliance. But where individuals are not complying, I want to be a bit realistic about our ability to do enforcement. And I really don’t want law enforcement put in that position,” he said.

Whether or not face masks become required at certain businesses, they are still required at Disney Springs, Universal Orlando, and other spots, so be sure you check a place’s requirements before you go.

We’ve worn face coverings at a theme park all day — here’s what it’s like!

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What fun masks will you be wearing to the parks? Let us know in the comments.

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4 Replies to “News: Mayor of Florida’s Orange County Considering Face Mask Mandate”

  1. From what I’ve seen of businesses here in Louisiana that require masks for entry, once folks are admitted entry, the mask comes off, or is pulled down so it doesn’t cover the nose. I don’t see a whole lot of mask enforcement going on. I wonder if that will be the case at WDW.

  2. The people do not care and they do what ever they want. Making the use of mask, mandatory, will not change a thing. They need to shut everything down again

  3. Maybe I don’t know what I am talking about, but I can foresee visitors going to Universal, WDW, etc and picking up the virus then bringing it back to other states.

    1. That is going to happen no matter where people go. The store, the beach, a restaurant, visiting friends or family. This virus isn’t going anywhere. This is what we have to live with now. We can’t hide from a virus and no amount of masks and disinfectant is going to stop the spread of it, we just have to decide for ourselves if we want to go out in a crowd or not. This is life right now. At some point we have to function. It’s sad and it’s depressing for sure but we can’t do anything but live.