Quiz: Which Disney World Resort Matches Your Personality?

There are so many amazing resorts at Walt Disney World!

Disney’s Polynesian Resort

It can be hard to choose! So we’re here to help — everyone has a resort that matches their personality.

Take our FUN quiz to find out yours — and let us know in the comments!


There are dozens of resort hotels at Disney World, but which one matches YOU? Take this quiz to find out which resort matches your aesthetic! Where should you stay? Take the quiz to find out!

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11 Replies to “Quiz: Which Disney World Resort Matches Your Personality?”

  1. I got Port Orleans, which is dead on. We stayed there for our honeymoon and then years later when we brought the kids to The World. Love me some beignets!

  2. Took it twice to try to get a different answer based on my secondary choice both times… AKL which is where I got engaged and it’s my DVC home… lol it is my favorite resort by far