Magic Kingdom Construction Update: Tip Boards, Tomorrowland, and Tron! 01/21/20

Welcome to this edition of Magic Kingdom Construction Updates, where we obsess over the unchanging facade of the TRON Lightcycle Coast... wait, it actually changed this week?!


Okay, not by a whole lot, but it’s still exciting! We’ve got that one more news updates coming at you, so come check it out!

Tron is Still Buffering

After weeks of being a steel and concrete cage, the facade of the Tron Lightcycle Coaster has begun to take form.

It’s an incremental improvement, but a visible one at least!

The walls are simple… for now. We’ll expect more elaborate theming to manifest after this initial facade is complete!

Taking a long time to load for something with so few polygons.

Speaking of updated in Tomorrowland…

Sayonara, Stitch

The area around the Stitch meet-and greet, formerly Stitch’s Great Escape, has been covered in tarp, with some of the signage and theming removed completely.

There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tarp shining at the end of every day.

However, don’t get too excited for a new attraction; this likely has to do with the general refurbishment of the land, we speculate that they’re taking advantage of the Stitch attraction’s closure to work on the columns without interruption, while also removing some outdated theming as part of a general refresh.

The character spot has operated only seasonally for several years now.

Will we ever see a new attraction in that location? Perhaps, but likely not any time soon.

Cosmic Ray’s Mobile Bay

Over at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, Bay 1 has had the menus and cashiers completely removed. Now the area serves as a dedicated Mobile Order pickup point!

Bay 1 doesn’t look too different, but… where are the cashiers?

This will free up space for the increasing number of mobile orders. Cosmic Ray’s is one of the largest quick service restaurants in the park, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we see this same change spreading to other areas in the coming years.

As Mobile Ordering becomes more common, more spots like these are bound to appear where space is available.

A New Frontier for Tip Boards

Over in Frontierland, a new electronic tip board has appeared. This new board is themed to the area, and will share ride times, show schedules, and other updates, similar to the other tip board we’ve seen in Fantasyland and the one we spotted in Adventureland just last week.


For those thinking digital tip/wait time boards have no place on the great frontier, you have a point. But this one, at least, as some attempts at theming.

The theming on this thing is incredible.
Yeehaw, wait times!

City Hall Updates

Finally, City Hall on Main Street is looking a bit… blocky.

Tarpe Diem

Main Street’s City Hall, the location of Guest Relations and the park’s lost and found, is getting what appears to be a pretty comprehensive exterior refreshment. Hopefully we’ll get a better-looking scrim soon!

That’s it for this Magic Kingdom Construction Update! Be sure to follow our newsletter for all of the latest updates!

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