FIRST LOOK: New Tomorrowland Arch in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

It seems the folks at Magic Kingdom have been “working for a better tomorrow… today!” The Tomorrowland entrance arch has been down for just over two months (see that news here!), but a new sign has been installed!

Tomorrowland Sign

The new design is much more streamlined than the previous incarnation. You’ll remember that one was more metallic, with lots of… gadgets and gizmos. It had a lot more in common with the Astro Orbiter you can still see in the distance.

Tomorrowland Sign

The sign we spotted this morning is white, with soaring lines and stylized writing to let guests know right where they are.

Tomorrowland Sign

Seen from a distance, it looks a bit incongruous with the rest of the land, but as a stand-alone piece, it’s pretty space age-y and cool!

Tomorrowland Sign

What do you think? Are you excited for what “tomorrow” will bring at Magic Kingdom? Let us know how you feel about the new Tomorrowland entrance sign! 

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2 Replies to “FIRST LOOK: New Tomorrowland Arch in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!”

  1. The arch actually looks great but unfortunately all of the rides there are yesterdayland! Disney needs to completely revamp Tomorrow Land with technology from this century at least!