Disney Springs’ Bongos Cuban Cafe Closing Date and Replacement Confirmed

In May, Bongos announced they were closing their Disney Springs location. At that time an actual closing date was not available, just the August time frame.

Bongo’s Cuban Cafe

Disney and Bongos have not made any announcements regarding the actual closing date of the location. However, the Orlando Sentinel cites Emily Clark, Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants’ Public Relations and Communications Director, confirming August 18 as the closing date.

Lettuce Entertain You owns Beatrix. Last week it was announced Beatrix was coming to Disney Springs. The same Orlando Sentinel article states Beatrix will be in Bongos’ former location.

Learn more about Beatrix coming to Disney Springs here.

Beatrix ©Disney

The Disney website shows availability and operating hours through August 18 for Bongos.

Bongos Closing on August 18

Will you miss Bongos? Are you looking forward to the arrival of Beatrix in Disney Springs? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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5 Replies to “Disney Springs’ Bongos Cuban Cafe Closing Date and Replacement Confirmed”

  1. Bongos is the familiar place to our family’s culture to visit out of home. This is not fair! At all! Every time we went to Disney it was a most do for us! Is Bongos coming back at another location? Pleeeeeaaaase!!!

    1. Bongos itself isn’t coming back, but a new restaurant called Estefan Kitchen is coming to Orlando, just not to Disney property. It’s going to be reasonably close, though, as long as you don’t mind renting a car or taking an Uber.


      Meanwhile, if you think you and your family might enjoy Latin cuisine at Disney Springs that’s not Cuban specifically, there’s a fairly new Spanish place there called Jaleo which might also be a nice option…and Disney’s buses will take you there for free!

  2. Bongos was unique and the new place looks boring. Sorry, but I go to Disney for a vacation from all the “normal” stuff at home, including the food.