5 Things You Should Do at Disney World and Never Tell Anyone

    Believe it or not, there are a few things that you might do at Walt Disney World that you might not ever want anyone to know about.
Hello from Mickey during After Hours

Maybe you’re disappointed and cry when you drop your $4 ice cream cone. Or you’re embarrassed to admit that you just about lost your mind when you saw Mickey Mouse for the first time. It’s OK! We think these are the sorts of things you definitely SHOULD do when you’re at Disney World… even if you’re ashamed to tell anyone!

1. Eat… a lot!

Come on, guys! Break that diet! Spend an entire day trying Disney cupcakes or Dole Whip. Eat every seasonal food option available at your favorite Epcot festival! Have ice cream for breakfast!

A Colossal Cinnamon Roll is A Perfect Way To Indulge!

There’s no reason you shouldn’t get dessert and choose the most unhealthy carb options at your favorite restaurant. Let the kiddos eat way too much popcorn and candy. Break all of your “healthy” parenting rules during the vacation.

Don’t worry… no one has to know! Our lips are sealed!

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2. Cry

Disney is such a magical place. It encourages even the most grown-up grownups to feel like kids again. SO do it! Be a kid!

That first walk down Main Street can be a tearjerker!

Get overly excited and cry when you meet your favorite Disney character. Cry when you see the castle… whether it’s for the first time or the 30th. Cry when you smell the water in Pirates of the Caribbean, or when you are sitting in a Haunted Mansion doom buggy. You can even cry when a cast member gives you a magical moment!

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3. Sleep…or don’t

It’s OK if you aren’t a park lover. You can totally make Disney a true vacation. Sleep all day. Sit by the pool. Relax at the spa. Disney doesn’t have to be all about the rides and the theme parks. You can totally dedicate your trip to a little rest and relaxation.

A pool day is always a nice escape!

On the flip side… don’t sleep! Stay up all night. Let the kiddos stay up all night after eating WAY TOO MUCH cotton candy. Use up every last second of Extended Evening Hours! Rope-drop your favorite park or hit the parks extra early for Early Park Entry! Watch the Welcome show and a Kiss Goodnight in the same day!

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4. Scream

Throw your hands in the air and scream like a child on Disney thrill rides! Don’t be afraid to scream as you shoot backwards on Expedition Everest or as you flip in the dark on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

Tower of Terror is definitely scream-worthy!

Don’t worry, everyone else is likely screaming, so no one will hear or judge you… UNLESS you are screaming on Peter Pan’s Flight or Dumbo. Then… people might notice.

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5. Shop

Shop ’til you drop. Spend your entire tax return or bonus on Disney plush and keychains. Buy all of the new  D-Lish Disney merchandise!  Or buy a Pandora charm for each one of your favorite Disney characters. I mean you don’t HAVE to tell the husband or wife… right?

So much to buy… so little time

So while there may be things that you don’t want anyone else back home to know about, there is absolutely no reason for you to NOT do them! Go ahead — your secrets are safe with us!

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What are your favorite things to do at Disney World? Let us know in the comments below! 

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19 Replies to “5 Things You Should Do at Disney World and Never Tell Anyone”

  1. I think people really lose sight of these things in general when visiting parks or taking vacations. THIS is what matters, and THIS is how you make memories!

  2. I cried watching my grandson watch the Frozen show at Hollywood Studios. It was his first time seeing it and the happiness on his face was priceless.

  3. I always cry when seeing the castle and the last day we are there especially after watching a kiss goodnight. It’s mandatory to scream and yell on the roller coasters. I’m 55 years old and still do it! Lol

  4. The most magical place at Disney is the Yacht Club. The Ale and Compass has a delectable Short Rib. We usually eat at the bar because the bartenders are just so funny and I feel like I’m at home. The bar is hidden but once you find it you will never want to leave. One day we were going to dinner, but The NewYorker, that’s what we call her, was so much fun we stayed and ate there, thanks to the manager cancelling our reservation. Now we just eat there the first day with our friends, Cindy and JackieThat is absolutely my favorite thing to do. It’s a hidden secret.

  5. I wept my ever-lovin’ eyes out meeting Alice for the first time. She’s been my lifelong alter ego; I even wrote papers about the books in college. I think my teenagers rolled their eyes as hard as I hugged Alice. #sorrynotsorry

  6. Watching the fireworks over the castle. I always get teary eyed. Makes me go back a be that little girl again even for a few minutes. The highlight of my time at Disney

  7. The best memory I have of Disney is taking my husband for the first time, our son was six ( he’s 29 now) & I had been many times as a child ( my father had worked for Eastern Airlines the official airline of Walt Disney World ) :). My husband grumbled why are we spending all of this money to go to an amusement park 16 hours away, I said trust me. I made Magic Kingdom our first stop, as he walked through the gates he smiled from ear to ear & that smile never left for the entire trip. He ate everything he wanted, laughed & played with our son & even got Mickey ears that he wore around the park. Disney turned my ” Grumpy” into a “Happy” in no time.

    1. I know the feeling. We went as a family two summers ago. Our kids were turning 7. Deep down inside I was dreading the trip after all the work I did to get everything it took to get it all in order. We got there and I don’t think there were any moments I didn’t feel the magic. I had a great time especially making it to 1am in the park just my son and I. Planning to go back within the next year or so.

  8. All my life, my Dad had this crazy, spooky laugh that no one has ever duplicated. We never went on vacation before I was married, so my husband and I have kept our family visiting Disney World for the past 41 years…because we wanted our 4 children to have those wonderful memories.in 2008, my Dad was battling Squamous cell skin cancer. We asked my parents to go with us on our Disney trip that year in May. They agreed, and I know he had reflected on our never having gone on a vacation when I was young. When we got there, he actually rode Expedition Everest with me, which is a great memory for me…but the best moment I had was when we went Into the Haunted Mansion ! My husband and I…and our children who were 20, 14, and 10 got to experience one of the happiest moments of my life !…here we are, all riding on the doom buggies, when all of a sudden, my Dad randomly starts doing his spooky laugh…on and on !!…I cant write this without crying, because he died 4 months this later. Disney magic worked on him, and it became one of the sweetest moments I have of all our trips !…I know all the other guests even a little close got treated to his spooky laugh too !…it fit in perfectly!
    Then as we were leaving, it was almost miraculous, 2 female cast members approached us and gave all of us a special lanyard. He was so excited !…He thought he was really something wearing his lanyard the whole time we had left. It was such a wo derful, special trip…we could not have planned it to happen any better. This is my most special, favorite memory of all our Disney trips
    ..that the magic of Disney could give such joy to my 78 year old Daddy !!!…Thank You !!

  9. Mom will be so happy to see her photo (#2) was included in this article. She had a fantastic 91st birthday at Disney & is a big fan of Minnie Mouse ❤️ Thanks so much!

  10. I made “mhaw-ha-ha” evil laughter while riding a villain tram. Lots of fun! And the driver loved it.