A Tour Of Disney’s Most Exclusive Hotel Room

The Cinderella Castle Suite is no doubt the most exclusive hotel room in Walt Disney World, and quite possibly the world. Located on the third floor of Cinderella Castle, the space was originally designed with Walt and his family in mind.

Cinderella Castle

Walt had an apartment over the Fire Station in Disneyland for when he and his family were visiting the park. When designing Disney World, the Imagineers dreamed up the MOST magical place for them to stay, the Castle.

Unfortunately, Walt did not live to see Walt Disney World or stay in the castle, so when the Magic Kingdom opened it was the phone operators’ office. That’s right, if you called Disney, the people you were talking to were IN the castle. They outgrew the space quickly, and it became a green room for castle performers, a storage space, and was kind of forgotten. That is, until 2006, when it was reimagined into the beautiful Cinderella Castle Suite that remains today.

Now before we take a look, it’s important to let you know that no matter how enchanted you are, don’t bother taking out your checkbook. There is no amount of money that can get you a night in the Suite. The only ways in are to win it in a contest or sweepstakes or be invited by Disney. The new $12,000 “World of Dreams” tour can get you a quick tour of the suite, but no overnight stays.

I was lucky to get a tour of the Suite during my tenure in Magic Kingdom Guest Relations many years ago, and I am so excited to share photos of Disney’s most exclusive room.

The Concierge Suite 


The door to all the magic

The first thing you’re probably wondering is how you get to the Suite. There is only one door, and if you’ve walked through the Castle Breezeway you’ve walked right past it and never known! Behind this door, is the Concierge Suite. A 24-hour concierge is available to you during your stay in the Castle.

Pumpkin Tapestry

You’re greeted by this gorgeous tapestry that depicts, what else? Pumpkins. And notice anything unusual about the clock?

Grandfather Clock

This clock never strikes midnight — meaning the magic never ends! Next is an elevator ride up to the Suite, where you’re greeted with the most gorgeous view…

The Suite Entry Way


Carriage Mosaic

Check out the floor as you step off the elevator! This 30,000-tile mosaic has real yellow and white gold accents.

Cinderella’s Treasures

Also in the entry way are some of Cinderella’s most prized possessions. You’ll see hand-blown glass pumpkins, her coronation crown and scepter, and of course, her glass slipper.

Glass Slipper

And ladies, I hear it’s a size 8!

Coronation Crown and Scepter

You’ll also see artwork by Disney legend Mary Blair, who is most well-known for designing “it’s a small world” and the mural in the Contemporary Resort. Blair also worked on classic films such as Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and of course, Cinderella.

Mary Blair Artwork

The Castle Suite

And now… welcome to the Cinderella Castle Suite!

Cinderella Castle Suite Bedroom

The first room you’ll walk into is the stunning bedroom, complete with stunning custom bedding and ornate wooden headboards with a C (for Charming) carved right in.

Cinderella Castle Bed

Next to one of the beds is an antique desk that the Imagineers found in Europe. It comes fit with personalized Cinderella Castle Suite stationery and postcards so you can send mail to your very jealous friends and family.

Antique Desk

Also near the beds is an adorable nesting table, with gorgeous chairs for a nice coffee or tea. As part of the service, your Castle Concierge will bring you any treats or food you’d like from the park, as well as a white chocolate carriage full of decadent treats.

Bedroom and Nesting Tables

Across from the beds is a lovely fireplace.


And carved into the columns, you may notice some of Cinderella’s friends!


Adorning either side of the fireplace are antique sconces found in Portugal, that had beautiful etchings of a Prince and Princess.

Princess Sconce
Prince Sconce

You can also see this gorgeous tray, found in a European antique store. The Imagineers wanted the Suite to be as authentic as possible, choosing perfect antique pieces instead of manufacturing new ones.

Antique Tray

Across from the bedroom is the sitting room.

Sitting Room

From these windows, Guests have a stunning view overlooking Fantasyland and Liberty Square.

And pay close attention to the windows, as they tell Cinderella’s story.

Sitting Room Windows

The first set of windows depict her father’s house, the invitation to the Royal Ball, and the clock striking midnight.

Sitting Room Windows 2

The second set of windows show Cinderella’s glass slipper, Jacques and Gus-Gus coming to her aid, and of course, her Happily Ever After.

The Cinderella Castle Suite can sleep six, two in each of the royal bedchamber beds, and two on the sitting room sofa which is a custom-made sofa bed.

Magic Mirror

There are two magic mirrors in the room, one in the sitting room and one above the fireplace. These look like ornate frames, but in reality they transform into TVs!

Magic Mirror

The final room of the suite is the incredibly amazing bathroom.

Castle Suite Bathroom

Look at that gorgeous tile work! It is designed to remind you of the vines of the pumpkin — before it became a Coach.

Royal Shower

Even the Royal Throne is… well… royal!

Royal Throne

The sinks are custom-made copper basins, complete with tile work and fresh flowers.


But the best part of the bathroom, and maybe the whole suite, is the tub!

Castle Suite Tub

Here again, the mosaics have real yellow and white gold. And the faucets have customizable features such as a various colors and jets.

Castle Suite Tub

The ceiling above your most magical bath can also be customized, with various light settings and even stars above you!

Starry Tub

It is truly magical.

So there you have it, a photo tour of the most exclusive hotel room at Walt Disney World!

What would be your first stop if you went into the Castle Suite? Let us know in the comments!

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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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10 Replies to “A Tour Of Disney’s Most Exclusive Hotel Room”

  1. We won during the Year of a Million Dreams in 2007 and agree, the bathtub was a favorite of adults and kids alike. It will be memory my kids never forget!

  2. A Dream is a Wish your Heart makes. The beautiful sitting room would be my first stop in this beautiful suite.

  3. Speaking of VIP stuff….I have a question for anyone who may know…I just got back from WDW, and this time I noticed something I never noticed before (and we go pretty much every year or every-other year). Several times in many different lines, I saw cast members dressed in a navy blazer with a plaid skirt accompanying some kids on the rides. They were always let into the fast-pass lane. The cast member had a Disney ID tag on, but I couldn’t see exactly what it said on it. In a couple instances, there seems to be a parent along with the kids and cast member as well, but often-times, just the kids. Does anyone know if this is some kind of VIP babysitting, so your kids can go with a cast-member to all the rides with less wait? I was just curious as I had never noticed this before….

    1. Besides staying there the night. Would be cool to just look out the windows at 3 am over the park. Or look out over the park at sunrise. Probably rules of when you have to stay in the suite. That is why you have your own concierge, is my guess.

  4. I would live happily ever after in the sitting room. The windows are just beautiful. I’ve wished of spending just one night in the castle for many years.
    I’ve been to Disney World only once and I was wishing that somehow we would get an invitation to stay in the castle just once…. A girl can dream!

  5. My first stop in this beautiful castle would be directly to the amazingly designed windows and absorb all the fantasy through them. Dreaming of all the great minds and each of the efforts it took to make such a endearing place.

  6. I’d give about anything to stay one night there. Its beautiful. I have entered various contests for charity but of course have never won.

    1. I would live happily ever after in the sitting room. The windows are just beautiful. I’ve been to Disney World only once, and I was wishing that somehow we would get an invitation to stay in the castle just once… a girl can dream!