Disney World’s Peter Pan’s Flight Closed Temporarily for Refurbishment

One of Disney World‘s more popular rides, Peter Pan’s Flight in Magic Kingdom‘s Fanstasyland is closed for refurbishment.

Peter Pan’s Flight Closed for Refurbishment

If you’ll be visiting the park between now and February 2, 2019 you won’t be  able board a magical flying boat and to fly over London or Neverland.

No details were  released about the brief closure, but this ride has consistently long wait times when it is open, so is sure to be missed while it’s closed.

Peter Pan’s Flight Closed for Refurbishment

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Do you have plans to visit the Magic Kingdom during this time period? Will you miss Peter Pan’s Flight? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 Replies to “Disney World’s Peter Pan’s Flight Closed Temporarily for Refurbishment”

  1. “Closed Temporarily.” Isn’t that what they said about Mr. Toads Wild Adventure, Wonders of Life Pavilion, the Skyway, etc. we will miss you Peter Pan!

  2. Yes I will be visiting and leaving on the 2nd! Last day in MK on the 1st so fingers crossed maybe they open early!

  3. I’ve ridden this ride since it opened in October, 1971 and if you can sit on the left side of the boat it makes a big difference in your perspective. It’s one of the few remaining attractions that were operational on opening day.