SeaWorld’s Aquatica water park celebrates 10 years with new ride Ray Rush promotions


Aquatica, SeaWorld’s waterpark in Orlando, is celebrating its tenth birthday this week with deals and details relating to its newest upcoming attraction, Ray Rush.

The new water ride, which is scheduled to open this spring, features family rafts and combines new elements and replaces Hooroo Run.


The official SeaWorld blog describes it this way:

“At nearly 60 feet tall, Ray Rush is where family and friends can take on three-in-one thrills as they slide, splash and soar like never before!

“First, hold on tight as you and your friends are launched at 33 feet per second with water jets designed to propel your raft into the first of several enclosed tube sections.

“Next, you and your fellow riders will swirl into a colossal translucent sphere which spins the raft around the slide walls before entering another enclosed tube section.

“Finally, as soon as you think it’s all over, your raft drops into an open-air halfpipe that resembles the shape of a manta ray. Your raft will soar back and forth on the wings of the manta before entering the final enclosed tube section that ends with a splash!”

Both the launch system and the halfpipe will be firsts for Aquatica, providing thrills while keeping the ride family friendly.

To commemorate the park’s birthday, Aquatica commissioned the sculpting of a 22-ton sand sculpture depicting a birthday cake inspired by Ray Rush. The sculpture measures 15 feet wide and 8 feet tall and took skilled artisans nearly 25 hours to complete. The sculpture will be on display inside the park for guests to see through March 5.

The water park also is celebrating the occasion by offering a deal on its annual passes. Through March 15, Florida residents can purchase the Aquatica passes for just $10 a month with EZpay. Benefits include unlimited admission and free parking as well as discounts and the opportunity to be among the first to ride Ray Rush when it opens in spring. The park is also offering guests the opportunity to purchase 6-inch by 8-inch photos in the park for just $10 each through the end of April.

Aquatica was voted “Best Water Park” by Orlando Sentinel readers in the publication’s annual Best Bets reader’s choice awards in 2017. “The Sentinel just confirmed what everyone already knew, Aquatica is the place where Orlando residents go when they want the best water park experience,” said David Heaton, Aquatica Orlando vice president. “We are so excited to be the water playground of choice for Orlando locals and visitors alike.”

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