NEWS: Disney+ Quietly Removes a Popular Streaming Feature

If you’re a Disney+ subscriber you may not have noticed this quiet change that Disney recently made.


With so many new titles launching soon on Disney+ it’s no surprise that Disney is constantly updating their streaming service. Rising costs are promised for the future and while we are set to see some highly anticipated films and shows through the rest of the year, Disney didn’t tell us they were planning to take features away as well!

If you haven’t had a chance to explore all of Disney+’s features well now, there’s one that you’ll never get to experience. Since 2020, Disney+ users have been allowed a feature that gave them the ability to watch movies and TV series episodes synced up with friends and family in more than one location using groupwatch.

This would work by allowing a user to share a link to friends and family so you could all watch a show together starting at the same time even if you all were not in the same home. This feature was only available if both users tuning into the groupwatch were Disney+ subscribers and in the same area.


However, Disney+ seems to have quietly removed this groupwatch feature, and further mention of it has been removed from the Disney+ website. When we reached out to Disney+ about the feature using their chat services, the Cast Member responded saying “…it was recently removed in the recent update.”


Disney+ is no stranger to updates having cycled through several since its launch and many have speculated the removal of the feature has more to do with focusing attention more on content than it does cracking down on sharing accounts between households.


Did you ever use the groupwatch feature and if so, will this be an inconvenience to you? Be sure to check back in with us at for the latest in Disney+ news and updates.

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