Disney Pic of the Week: Finding Nemo the Musical

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Finding Nemo: The Musical, is one of my favorite shows at Walt Disney World. I love the music, the puppertry, the costumes, the songs…. all of it. It was hard to find just one photo for this Disney Pic of the Week, but I managed…..

Here are Nemo, Dory, Gil, Peach in one of the aquarium scenes:


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One Reply to “Disney Pic of the Week: Finding Nemo the Musical”

  1. Hello Deb!
    Just wanted to tell you, you’re doing a wonderful job with picture this!!!! Thumbs up to you 🙂
    The rest of your web-site is great also, I have been a fan for many years!
    Just wanted to give you encouragement (since you mentioned it’s not your thing), cause your doing marvelous dawling, ( intentionally spelled this way-haha) keep up the good work!!!
    Say hello to Scott for me!!
    From Massachusetts

    DEB: Thanks Becky!!!