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Did someone say, put our service to the test?

During a recent passholder preview of New Fantasyland, I was excited to find Be Our Guest open for lunch AND dinner. With Be Our Guest dinner reservations booked into March, this was a rare opportunity to dine at Magic Kingdom’s newest restaurant. Given that each meal has a separate menu and different service, my family and I decided to dine there twice in the same day — and we were happy we did. Today, I’ll tell you about our lunch experience and then I’ll be back with a separate blog post about dinner.

First, lunch is a step up from other Disney World counter service restaurants in that guests order their food and then it is brought to their tables by the waitstaff. No juggling trays, bags and kids at the same time! As we entered Beast’s castle, we were directed into the Armory Room for a short wait. We were entertained there by the Suits of Armor who talk to each other and to guests. Plus, the lunch menu is displayed on waist-high screens for guests to peruse.



At the end of the hall, guests are greeted by a cast member at a podium who asks about the size of your party and hands your group a small red monitor with a rose motif on the top. It actually contains Disney’s new RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology and allows cast members to identify you inside the castle, and most importantly, bring your lunch to the correct table. Rose in hand, you will be directed to a manned kiosk or unmanned touch screen to order, depending on your preferred method of payment.



Although we were directed to a manned kiosk, which would seem to cut down on ordering mistakes, we still ended up with problems with our children’s meals. First, the cast member did not explain that kids have an option to substitute side dishes, and we missed the fine print. My daughter ordered the Mickey Meatloaf, which is served with broccoli and zucchini, and my son chose the slow-cooked pork with sauteed green beans and mashed sweet potatoes. Both would have preferred French fries with their meals.



Their meals also came with desserts, which the cast member did not enter into the system, and consequently, were never delivered. My son also never received his apple juice, and a server told him to pick something else from the beverage station, even though he wanted the juice. Clearly, there are some bugs that are being worked out by the staff as the restaurant prepares for its official opening.


Once our order was placed, we were free to choose a table in the Ballroom, West Wing or Rose Gallery. It was a tough choice, but we opted for the far end of the Ballroom, where we could see the “snow” falling outside the windows. Beautiful! We were invited to collect our silverware, which is metal and not the plastic that is typical of counter-service restaurants, and drinks from a station that included Coca-Cola products, coffee, hot chocolate and iced tea. Then, while we waited for our food, we toured the other rooms.



The centerpiece of the Rose Gallery is a large-scale replica of a music box made by Maurice and showing Belle and Beast dancing. The walls are decorated with portraits from the tale and other pieces of art. This is the only room with banquettes, if you prefer that type of seating. Also, the Rose Gallery only is open for lunch.


The West Wing is Beast’s hideaway before Belle’s love tamed him. It’s dark and foreboding, and the furnishings appear to have been ravaged by Beast’s frequent fits of anger. Thunder can be heard in this room, making it louder than the others. When the last petal on an Enchanted Rose drops and the thunderstorm is upon the room, a portrait of Belle’s handsome prince changes to an image of Beast. (Read more about the design of restaurant from Imagineers here.) Photos will be included on my dinner review because we were seated in the West Wing.


Returning to the grand Ballroom, our food was being delivered via trolley after just a short time. My husband ordered the Quinoa, Shallot and Chive Salad, and I had the Vegetable Quiche, and we were pleased with the flavors of each meal. Both were served with baby lettuce coated with Champagne vinaigrette, which was fantastic. (This dressing is served on a side salad on the dinner menu, as well.) We found our lunch selections to be delicious.



Even with the problems with the kids’ meals, we’d certainly give Be Our Guest another try for lunch. (See the full lunch menu here and here.) After all, our lunch experience was during a “dress rehearsal.” Plus, our children were so engrossed in their surroundings that they even forgot that cupcakes were included with their meals. Other parents, I’m sure, can agree that’s quite a testament to how much fun they were having in the imaginative surroundings.

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4 Replies to “Review: Lunch at Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland”

  1. What time can you start getting in line at Be Our guest for lunch? Do they utilize the entire restaurant for seating during lunch?

    KRISTIN: I believe the queue starts to form about 10:30 a.m., and they typically do use all three rooms in the castle for lunch.

  2. Thank you! I can’t wait to see the photos of the West Wing. Decided to book a last-minute trip so can’t get in to Be Our Guest for dinner and am hoping we’ll get in for lunch. It’s nice to know that you can select the room you want. I can’t wait to see the West Wing so I can compare. Thanks again!

  3. All sounds great Kristin – do you know if the counter meal at Be Our Guest is covered by the Quick Meal Disney Plan?

    KRISTIN: Yes, I’m told that for lunch, those on the dining plan can use 1 Quick Service entitlement.

  4. Do you know if they plan to have the Beast & Belle at the restaurant as part of a Character Dining experience? I hope so. That would make sense as well.

    KRISTIN: Disney officials have said that characters won’t be part of Be Our Guest. Visitors can meet Belle next door in Enchanted Tales with Belle and Gaston outside Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland.