The Avengers Monorail

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Walking under monorails is not for me but I had to grab the shot for our Disney Pic of the Week monorail theme. This portion of the rail is between The Contemporary Resort and the Magic Kingdom, closer to the latter. The working parts (the wheels) are interesting to look at but I kept moving.


How did I get this effect? I used Adobe PhotoShop CS3 and clicked on Filters then Diffused Glow and slid the varying bars back and forth until I got the look I wanted. Then I went back to the top of the screen and clicked on Image then Adjustments and Hue/Saturation. I fiddled around with the colors then worked on shadows and mid-tones. Pretty cool.

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One Reply to “The Avengers Monorail”

  1. Why don’t you like walking under the monorail?

    Also this is a cool picture to me because it shows how the wheels of the monorail car make contact with the beam, pretty cool.

    Lisa responds: It’s a fear of something falling.