Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook


Recently, Tinker Bell and her friends moved to the Adventureland Veranda at Magic Kingdom. Just after you come over the Adventureland bridge from Main Street, it’s to the right (next to Aloha Isle).

A sign “marks the spot” and gives the current wait time.


Some pictures have been hung on the walls.




There’s even an enchanted picture.

Before we made the turn to meet Tinker Bell and her friend, a Cast Member asked that we have our leaf books (autograph books), light boxes (cameras) and Pixie Passes (PhotoPasses) ready. He told us when we went through the portal, we would become 5 inches tall.


The meet-and-greet area is a visual treat- everything is very large because, remember, you’re 5 inches tall now.




When we were there, Vidia was the first fairy we met. She was a hoot!



Tinker Bell was next.

Tinker Bell

Tink spent a couple of minutes showing me her lovely lamps and explaining how she sometimes catches fireflies for them so she can work at night.


Here’s a last look at the room before we headed out.



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10 Replies to “Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook”

  1. What other fairies are in the rotation with Tink? My daughter’s favorite is Fawn but when we visited in may of 2011 we were told she only “flies” in to Disneyland. Is she in Orlando now?

  2. How long was the wait and did they offer fast passes?

    FastPasses are not offered for this meet-and-greet. I was there at park opening so I had a minimal wait. There is a sign posted before you enter the queue that has the current wait time on it.

  3. It looks like they are finally making use of what used to be the Adventureland Veranda restaurant. Glad to see it is being used for something.

  4. Pixie Hollow was so magical! My daughter (who was 5) loved the whole experience! Our tour guide was a hoot! She guided us through the hollow as pixie dust shrank us and measured my daughter with a HUGE yard stick. She whispered to my daughter that she now had invisible wings, but would have to return them when we left! As we were leaving she told me, “Okay mommy, run so we can keep our wings!” She still talks about Pixie Hollow and how she got to “keep” her wings! Cannot wait to go back and see the new nook!

  5. the ‘scrapping of the plans’ for the return of Pixie Hollow to ‘the new’ Fantasyland is CRAZY….Tink IS “Fantasyland”…what is ‘Disney’ THINKING!!!????

  6. Is this definately where to find the fairies? I saw on the Disney website they were moved to Epcot.

    The fairies moved to Magic Kingdom at the end of July- they are no longer at Epcot. This is their home for now.

  7. No photo pass person? I wish they had them at every character photo op.

    When I was there, PhotoPass photographers were with the fairies.

  8. Taking my daughter to Pixie Hollow in Toon Town was one of the most magical experiences I have ever had. I only hope that when we return to WDW she still wants to go and visit her fairy friends.
    Thank you for sharing it brought back some wonderful memories.

  9. Just curious, will this be the permanent place for the fairies or are they still planning to put Pixie Hollow in Fantasylands as part of the expansion?

    Disney has not said if this is their permanent home. The Pixie Hollow portion of the Fantasyland expansion is no longer happening- it was scrapped from the plans.

  10. Looks like they are only two fairies? We loved meeting Vidia and Tinker Bell last time.

    Yes, there are only two fairies currently- Tinker Bell and a friend.