My Fixit List: Part 3

Five down and five to go.

#4 – Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Props

For the last several years I’ve been concerned about a little known area in Disney’s Hollywood Studios that guests walk by without knowing what they are missing. This area is located to the left of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Theater as you exit the attraction. As you leave the theater you walk by some props…I should say…the actual props used in the film “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”

The problem is that over the years weeds and vines and growth has all but covered these props…jeeps…tank…trucks….and this has unfortunately caused many a guest to miss seeing this area. My wish was to see the area cleaned to reveal the props.


My prayers have been answered. The following photos were taken in the last several days and reveal that not only has the area been cleaned but that there have been some additions…although I am not sure if these additions were props also in the movie.

Here are the photos….first the tank.


Then the truck.


Finally the new additions.


So this was my # 4 on the Fixit List and I’m happy to say that it will come off the list.

#3 Alien Non-Encounter in The Great Movie Ride

For a while it seemed that when I rode The Great Movie Ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios that the alien, for some reason or another, did not want to come out of the ceiling. Was it broken? Was it my deodorant ? It never attacked from the ceiling.

Well guess what?


Look at the following photo taken just a day or two ago.


That’s our favorite alien emerging from the ceiling. Hmmm, that’s two on my list that can now be laid to rest. I’m happy.

Okay there are two more to come but first let me give you one more update.

Remember my #8 which was The Noodle Station at the Tomorrowland Terrace? Well apparently that quick-service area remains at least a half mystery.

Here is what greets guests as they approach the area.


Basically it looks like your average Walt Disney World Quick-Service stop…burgers…chicken…fries….the usual. But take another look at the sign…especially in the upper right…is that shrimp? It’s not called The noodle Station yet…

…the walls are adored with…exhibit #1…


…and exhibit #2…


…so the jury is still out on The Noodle Station. Is it permanent? Is it gone? Is it seasonal? I don’t know.

Update over.

My top two on my Fixit list are just around the corner…can you guess what they are?

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8 Replies to “My Fixit List: Part 3”

  1. Hey Mike!

    I love your blog, it’s always the highlight of the allears newsletter for me!

    Hmm, Top 2.. Let me guess:

    Magic Kingdom:

    My #1 would be Tom Sawyer Island. It’s definitely relaxing, I guess, but I think my family has skipped it the past 4-5 times. It’s nothing my 6 year old is excited about, and he didn’t want to go at 5 or 4 either. He’s rather go ride Pirates again. Which is exactly why imagineers should be turning the entire island into something pirates-themed. This is a mega-franchise beloved by most guests. I bet there’s a bunch of special effects that could be put into an enormous island adventure. Could multiple rides fit on there? And how about a ride on the Black Pearl instead of a riverboat? I know a few kids (and adults) who would enjoy that.

    Honorable Mention in MK:

    Stitch’s Great Escape:

    Too kiddy for most grownups, and too scary for many kids who love Stitch. The attraction just never worked.

    Swiss Family/Tarzan Treehouse: This attraction murders my already aching feet. My boy loves Tarzan but not enough to want to climb up..

    Tomorrowland Indy Speedway: Electric Cars that look like Cars characters would be great. There must be *some* way to keep the experience fun and speed up the loading times, right?

    My stab at idea #2:

    Animal Kingdom:

    I think it’s time to flesh out that land with the mythical creatures that we’ve been hearing about forever. They could add a Mulan dragon coaster for the thrill ride nuts, and maybe an extra Figment ride for all ages. I’m sure there are some other great ideas out there too. I never seem to be able to squeeze a full day out of AK. They need more stuff to do!

    While we’re at it, maybe they could clean up the Wildlife Express/Rafiki’s Planet Watch experience. It’s a lot of sitting around, a terrible train ride, and a long walk to a petting zoo. Surely. Disney can do better? my little zoo in Sioux Falls has a nicer petting zoo, and that’s sponsored by our local grocery store. Come on, Disney! =)

    Excellent list, Mike. I’m enjoying it!

  2. Thanks for a great blog but I am surprised that you only had 10!
    Now I only make it to Disney maybe once a year or 2 so I don’t have too many problems but here are a few things that have been in the back of my mind.

    I do wish they would have another transportation option from the Animal Kingdom Lodge to the AK Park (or any park!). It is the only Deluxe resort that only has bus service. Some kind of boat would be perfect!

    My fix-it is in the Hotel category. I wish they would fix the drapes in the new refurbished rooms at the Pop Century. They do not close all the way (about a 1 1/2 inch gap) and one must use a safety pin to get them to close. Duh!

    It took a fire in the building to do it but thank goodness they are fixing the Enchanted Tiki Room and bringing back the old show. Zazo was OK but that Iago….like fingernails on a chalkboard!

    Miss your blogs!

  3. I’ve been thinking that Indiana’s truck was simply lost in the jungle, we all knew it was abandoned, but it is nice to see they pulled the weeds and adding to his “exhibit”. The Alien always made me shreak even though after a few hundred trips on the Great Movie Ride, I knew exactly what to expect-I was happy when it got stuck in the ceiling, now I will have to close my eyes when I hear that horrible HISS….next on my Fix -it list is my beloved Yeti, and then of course I’ve been promised that My original Tiki Birds nd Tiki Totems will soon work again in MK….Aug 15th?