AlEars TV: Disney World’s Star Wars Hotel Is Just The Beginning.

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Bonjour! No. Buongiorno? Yeah that works. Disney World thinks they’re sooo fancy with their new French and Italian Riviera-themed hotel. Speaking of France, Disneyland Paris thinks they’re sooo cool with their new America-themed Marvel hotel. Speaking of America, Tokyo Disneyland is sooo obsessed with our good-old-fashioned American intellectual property, just look at that brand new Toy Story-themed hotel they’re about to open, the decor is out of this world. Speaking of out of this world, we Earthlings are sooo eager to get to space, we’ll pay outrageous sums of money to LARP in a warehouse for two days while actors tell us we’re already there. Disney’s Riviera Resort, Disney's Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel, Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel and Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser are all new and are all fabulous in their own ways, but that last one is stealing all the attention. We’re here to tell you that Disney World's Star Wars Hotel Is Just The Beginning.
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