AllEars TV: Disney’s Biggest Ride FAILURES

Disney might have some popular rides, but others were…not exactly big hits.


Take, for example, ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Talk about a fun ride for the whole family, right? 😉 We would really come together and bond over surviving the trauma of a giant alien shattering its glass cage so it could come out and eat a Cast Member only feet away from us. OK, maybe it is best that one was removed.

What about Rocket Rods in Disneyland? It was *so cool* how they spent a lot of money replacing the beloved PeopleMover with a ride they promised us would be amazing but that ended up not going all that much faster, caused structural damage, and was often unable to operate! Well, now that you mention it, probably best that one is gone too.

Rocket Rods at Disneyland turned out to be one of Disney Parks’ biggest flops. [The Walt Disney Company]
Why is Superstar Limo on this list? That ride was great, wasn’t it?! Wait, no, don’t show that picture of the Drew Carey animatronic again! 😂 We lost a lot of subscribers last time we did that without giving a sensitive content warning first. I guess that ride is best left only in our minds and hearts also.

Come on, The Making Of Me in EPCOT was a great educational movie starring Martin Short! I mean sure, they talked about…well, I guess we can’t say that here. But they showed us…ok, we DEFINITELY can’t show THAT on here.

Wonders of Life

Look, Disney does a LOT of things right, but that’s not as fun to talk about as Disney’s Biggest Ride FAILURES.

Click Below to watch our RTT on Disney’s BIGGEST Ride FAILURES!

What ride did you love that isn’t in Disney World anymore? Tell us in the comments!

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