AllEars TV: Why Disney Adults Are the Way They Are

I’m not ashamed to say I watched The Disney Channel till long after I was the “appropriate age” to be watching it. Who decides the appropriate age for watching fun television, anyway? What, like you turn 27 and the good times stop rolling?
What? The Disney Channel demographic is 7 to 17? Ok can you, like, stop looking at me with so much JUDGEMENT? Jeez, Luise.
Exhibit A) That’s So Raven. Ageless, classic comedy. So much so that a reboot called Raven’s Home is currently on Disney Channel! See they WANT us adults to watch out of nostalgia!
B) Kim Possible! It’s a GREAT show for any age, with an animated teenager fighting crime while juggling the struggles of adolescence! See, relatable!
C) Lizzie McGuire! This gem gave us Hilary Duff, and if that’s not enough reason to have it be considered important media by The National Film Preservation Foundation, I don’t know what is. This show should be in history books.

The Proud Family ©Disney

And C) The Proud Family, created by animator, character designer, film director and television producer Bruce W. Smith who co-directed Space Jam so, you know, THIS SHOW WAS COOL.
These shows are why Disney Channel has been so successful for so long, and also Why Disney Adults Are The Way They Are.

Click Below to RTT Disney Channel Made Some of the BEST Shows!

What Disney show was your favorite growing up? Let us know in the comments!

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