AllEars TV: Why Genie+ Killed Fastpass

FastPass was an incredible invention thought up by an Imagineer that let you skip lines in Walt Disney World… FOR FREE!

The Lightning Lane signs are here!

Genie+ is a hybrid of the first two concepts of FastPass, except for it debuted 23 years after the original idea was born and, depending on the day, has cost as much as $29 per person…PER DAY!

Disney Parks fans are pretty sensitive to the feeling of The Walt Disney Company being greedy. But if you ask most guests what they feel, they’ll say that greed is EXACTLY why Genie+ killed FastPass.

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What do you prefer, Genie+ or Fastspasses? Tell us in the comments!

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2 Replies to “AllEars TV: Why Genie+ Killed Fastpass”

  1. As a senior citizen without a smart phone, Fastpass+ was a wonderful way to allow me to experience my favorite attractions. Now, the length of the line determines whether or not I see an attraction. Since Genie+ began, I have had many park visits that did not include a visit to any attractions. It’s definitely taken away from my Disney experience.

  2. I hated FastPass. I hate Genie+/Lightning Lanes even more.

    I detest any system that creates classes of guests – the “haves” and the “have nots”. Those that are willing to plan every last detail of their vacation months in advance, and those that just want to show up and have a good time. FastPass/Genie punishes the latter. I despise any system that divides guests in this way. NO guest should ever be presented with a rope for instance, preventing them from visiting some section of the park. “No, you can’t sit there, that’s reserved for guests whose employer paid some enormous amount of extra cash to reserve that area”. Well, EFF that. That kind of thing needs to stop. I want ALL up-sells to end. Anything that creates these classes of guests. Treat everybody the same.