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The Sword in the Stone Ceremony gave its final performances on Tuesday, August 15, 2006. A new "interactive" experience is coming to the area soon, but no details are available as yet.

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Sword in the Stone Ceremony – Merlin challenges young guests to pull the sword from the stone in regular presentations in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. It opened in 1994.


The Sword in the Stone Ceremony is performed several times each day near Cinderella's Golden Carrousel in Fantasyland. Check your Times Guide for show times.

Mary Waite writes: We watched the Ceremony being performed and then saw where Merlin chose the child from and so during the next Ceremony, my daughter was in the same area and she was chosen to participate in the Ceremony. Not sure if this applies to WDW, but it may. I'm sure it's easier for the Cast members if they pick from the same area each time.

Readers' Stories:

I have a great story. I am a veteran WDW visitor. However, last September I took my boyfriend (who became my fiancé while at WDW!) for this first visit (at the age of 30!) to WDW. We were at the MK on a Saturday (actually the day he proposed – in front of the castle with the fireworks in background, but that's another story). We stopped to watch Merlin as he started the show. My fiancé had first-timers' luck! Merlin asked him to step up to the stone and pull the sword out. My fiancé is about 6'1, 230 lbs. and of course Merlin played this up. My fiance could not pull the sword out after several attempts. So, Merlin picked a child out of the crowd and made my fiance the "Royal Bodyguard." The child was able to pull the sword out! It was hilarious! After Merlin crowned the child and placed the king's robe on the child, my fiance had to hold to robe off the ground so the "king" could walk around. There was not a dry eye around! How funny! Andree M. Braud


They have been doing the Sword in the Stone ceremony since at least 1996. My son was picked then. They do it several times a day. It is listed on the Mk map. He was also thrilled to have his medal! I have seen them pick little girls as well to be the ruler of the Kingdom. There was a Full House or Mary Kate and Ashley special where either one of the twins, or else the youngest daughter on Full House (sorry, my memory is shot) was picked to rule the Kingdom in the same ceremony, except on TV she got one wish. Chris


Scott Prenoveau writes: We just returned from WDW and I have a comment and a question. Since my son was 4, he, like myself, always goes through the castle at the Magic Kingdom and tries to remove the Sword in the Stone. Every year it doesn't budge!

This year we finally met Merlin and my son was chosen to be "Temporary Leader of the Realm". I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it. It really made his trip. He was chosen and out of the stone came the sword. He and I were very happy and he wore the medal that Merlin gave him for the last six days of the trip. My son loves the story of King Arthur and this just put a smile on his face for the whole trip.


My son wanted to be picked, but wasn't but he stood up front holding the invisible rope that held the crowd back and that was good enough for him. Merlin makes the show fascinating for children and funny for adults! Joe Trusty


Recently, I took a trip to WDW with a group of mentally challenged adults. We just happened to go by when Merlin was coming out. It was wonderful the way he talked to each person in our group and signed all the books for them.To my surprise, he chose one of our group to be the Leader for the day!!!!! She was so thrilled it was all she talked about for days. It was only one of many things that the entire staff at WDW did for us. They all seemed to go out of their way to make our group comfortable and offer assistance when needed. It seemed to be a very Handicapped friendly place. My hat goes off to all the staff. Thank you.


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Matthew, February 21, 2001

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