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Swiss Family Treehouse


The shipwrecked Swiss Family Robinson’s home is recreated in this giant tree, situated in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom, just before you reach the Jungle Cruise.


Swiss Family Treehouse — Disney’s 1960 live-action film “Swiss Family Robinson” may not be so popular today, but it’s really worth a look — especially before you bring your kids to this walk-through attraction. The make-believe tree beautifully recreates the home the shipwrecked family in the movie builds for themselves, right down to the organ in the “living room” and the skylight in the parents’ bedroom.

The story of the movie goes like this: A shipwrecked family of five salvages material from their downed ship, the Swallow, to create a home among the leaves of a huge old tree on a South Seas island. There are bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a library, all set up just like other 19th-century homes. Eventually, the family has to battle a band of pirates, and then they are rescued — well, sort of. You have to see the movie!

As you climb the steps of the Swiss Family Treehouse, you pass through the various rooms, with explanatory placards that tell the story of the Robinsons. You get close-up views of each of the rooms, which feature furnishings from items salvaged from the wrecked vessel. There’s a lantern, a log book, ornate railings, and, standing prominently in the living room, the ship’s wheel from the Swallow. Ropes from the ship drive a water-wheel system that dips buckets of water from the stream, carrying it to the top of the tree. Books are open, the dinner table is set and the family pipe organ plays happily — in fact, there’s a feeling that the Robinsons could walk in at any moment.

At the top of the tree, you look out on to Adventureland below — there’s a view of the winding river and Jungle Cruise, giving the feeling of being in the middle of a tropical island.

Swiss Family Treehouse
Swiss Family Treehouse



You must be ambulatory to experience this attraction. It involves a lot of walking and climbing stairs — 116 steps, to be exact!

Swiss Family Treehouse Bridge
Swiss Family Treehouse

If you walk through without pausing too much, the entire walk-through should take about 15 minutes.

Don’t miss the plaques throughout the tree (left) that tell, in journal form, the story of the Robinsons and their sons: Fritz, Ernst, and Francis.

If you’re pressed for time, you may want to bypass the Treehouse, especially if it seems there’s a wait to walk through it.


Your kids will enjoy this attraction much more if they’ve seen the movie upon which it is based: Swiss Family Robinson, which starred John Mills, Dorothy Maguire and James MacArthur, as well as some villainous pirates! It’s amazing the way the finer points of the film are recreated here. Watch the film, then try it for yourself!

There are no Disney Characters associated with the Swiss Family Treehouse. There are other “meet and greet” areas in Adventureland, however. Check your daily Times Guide for exact times and locations.

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Sunshine Tree Terrace, which features the popular Citrus Swirl, is located directly across from the Swiss Family Treehouse.

Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen is located across from the entrance as well. Experience “World Famous Jungle Cuisine” in one of several unique dining rooms – including a crew mess hall and a once-hidden secret meeting room of the famed Society of Explorers and Adventurers. This table-service restaurant is staffed by Jungle Cruise Skippers.

Consult the Guide Map for other dining locations and opening times.

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Agrabah Bazaar is located diagonally from the Swiss Family Treehouse, with a variety of themed merchandise. Consult your Guide Map for the exact location.


Disney’s movie The Swiss Family Robinson was released in 1960 and starred John Mills, Dorothy Maguire, James MacArthur and Tommy Kirk.

The 60-foot-tall treehouse has been a favorite Adventureland attraction since the Magic Kingdom opening in October 1971.

The tree’s structural root system goes four stories into the ground (42 feet) below the tree.

The moss is real, but the more than 330,000 polyethylene leaves are not! The tree itself is made from cement and steel.

The tree has a 15-foot trunk and nine main limbs.

The entire attraction weighs about 200 tons.

While the tree is meant to be a banyan tree, Disney has named it “Disneyodendron Eximus,” which means approximately “an out of the ordinary Disney tree.”

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