4 Disney World Hotels That Are One and Done (And 6 You’ll Never Get Enough Of)

There are a lot of Disney World hotels to choose from, and it can be daunting trying to choose the right hotel.

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Each Disney World hotel has its pros and cons. To help you decide where to stay, we reached out to some Disney World experts to find out which hotels are the best, and which ones you may want to avoid.

We turned to our favorite experts, our readers, to see which Disney World hotels were “one and done” and which ones you can never get enough of! We appreciate all the comments, and there were some divisive hotels. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the comments on Disney World hotels!

Hotels That Are One and Done

We are starting with the hotels that just did not make a good impression. We saw a big trend that many of these hotels made the list because of how spread out they are.

Disney’s All-Star Resorts

We saw A LOT of comments about All-Star Resorts. Most of them were not leaving a glowing review, and many of them mentioned the impact of cheer competition season. Matt said, “I made the mistake booking All-Star Music during cheer competition season. Teams were literally practicing in the pathways and parking lots, even after the posted quiet hour of 11pm. ”

Disney’s All-Star Resorts

Tenesha is in the process of hitting every hotel and “so far [All-Star] Music is the only one we won’t go back to.” Jenn was “there for Cheer Competitions in High School” but she said she would ” never want to stay there as an adult!” Lynn added, “it is ‘did it a ton and done’. We are completely done with any of the All Star Resorts.”

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Next up on our list is Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. This resort got knocked a bunch because it is very spread out. Joseph, Helene, and Toni were just a few commentors that noted just how big and sprawling the resort is. Toni did enjoy the Skyliner, but a large consensus agrees this hotel is just too big.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Sharon even got lost one night because of how big the resort is. She commented that she didn’t like the resort, “because when we went years ago our room in Trinidad South was so far away from everything that we got lost trying to find our room at night and we were walking for a very long time! Everything looked the same! ”

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

We are moving on to the next resort, Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. We were a bit surprised to see this resort get brought up so much, as some of our team members love this hotel. However, similarly to Caribbean Beach, many commentors agreed that this resort is also too spread out.

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

Lisa said she, “loved the proximity to Disney Springs but otherwise felt too spread out.” James agreed that it is, “too big, too far from anything.” Jeanne concurred saying it is “way too spread out.”

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Our last hotel that was a “one and done” for many of you was Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Most of the comments had to do with the overall cost of the resort, and it just not living up to the price tag. Sarah said, “glad I stayed there, but don’t need to again. It was lovely, but there are other hotels equally lovely for less of the cost.”

Grand Floridian Resort

Victoria thought it was too busy and not relaxing, while Rebecca said she felt out of place there. Dawn agreed saying that she “will never understand the hype of the Grand Floridian.” Some commentors said they would only stay there again if they got a really good deal on a room.

Hotels That You’ll Never Get Enough Of

Now that we have covered some hotels that may not be repeats, let’s get to the hotels that our readers can never get enough of!

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

We are starting off with Disney’s Contemporary Resort. This resort is conveniently located next to Magic Kingdom and has various transportation options. Marilyn loves the Contemporary because of the “5-minute walk to MK [and] the monorail to EPCOT.” She also really enjoys the restaurants and large rooms.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Debbie also mentioned that the Contemporary brings back a lot of memories, she says she loves “the Contemporary for all the memories I have there from 1971 until now.”

Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Next up is Disney’s Pop Century Resort. We did see a few comments that said this hotel was a one and done, but the vast majority of comments were very positive about Pop Century. Kim says, “it is fun Disney, has the [Skyliner] and saves me money.” Marshall felt similar to Kim saying that Pop Century has the, “best theming, best location, great food court, convenient pool bar, great pools, [and] Skyliner access.”

Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Mat thinks that, “the shopping, dining and transportation make it worth it.” Pop Century is the only value resort that we saw consistently being mentioned as a favorite hotel, so there must be something pretty special!

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

We saw a lot of love going for Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, and the lobby alone pretty much makes this hotel worth it. However, we think the love for this hotel goes much deeper than just a pretty lobby. But Jeanne and Debbie both agree that this a must-stay resort, especially at Christmas time.

Wilderness Lodge

Jerod stated his opinion simply with, “Wilderness Lodge will never not be my favorite.” We think this does a great job of summing up how many people really love staying at this resort.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Another truly loved hotel was Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. This hotel kept popping up in the comments and we could feel the love. Gina wrote, “Been staying there since ’97. 🌺” Patty also put it simply, saying, “Polynesian! That’s why it’s my home resort for DVC!”

Polynesian Village Lobby

Polynesian Village comments were all over the feed, and we could tell this resort was a popular choice. It is located right near Magic Kingdom, has great dining options, and provides a relaxed, island vibe.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge was also very popular! You really can’t beat being able to see giraffes and zebras when you look out a window. This resort also has some great dining options. Shawn writes that, “it’s simply the best.”

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Rhonda shares a similar sentiment noting that this resort is one of her favorites because of “the food, the ambiance, the animals!” Another very popular resort to stay at.

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter

We are rounding out our list with Disney’s Port Orleans Resort -French Quarter. This resort is home to beignets and lots of New Orleans atmosphere. Marks wrote that, “the vibe is so special there” and Monica agrees saying, “French Quarter is our favorite!😍

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter

This is the only moderate resort on our list, and we had a lot of comments saying that this was a favorite. We also saw a fair amount for Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, so you can’t go wrong with either of the Port Orleans Resorts.

Before we go, though, we do have one very important honorable mention. While this hotel did not quite garner the support we had hoped, we couldn’t go without mentioning it. It has a unique feel and they always welcome guests to “drop in.”

The Hollywood Tower Hotel

This hotel has a distinctive charm and always leaves us screaming for more.  We can’t believe this one wasn’t mentioned more often, but we send a big shout out to Melissa. She wrote that her favorite hotel is the “Hollywood tower hotel, such a retro feel .😉”  

The Hollywood Tower Hotel

The hotel could use a bit of a deep cleaning, and we might recommend taking the stairs. We have heard some negative reviews on the service elevators they are using while the main elevators are out of service.

There you have it! Those were the four Disney World hotels that were “one and done,” as well as the six hotels that our readers can never get enough of. For even more information, check out Quincy’s video ranking the Disney World hotels:

Thank you to everyone who commented and shared their opinion on Facebook. Make sure to stay tuned to AllEars for more information on Disney World accommodations!

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What hotel is a one and done for you? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “4 Disney World Hotels That Are One and Done (And 6 You’ll Never Get Enough Of)”

  1. 2nd the french quarter resort. its perfect for its size, looks & theme, laid back atmosphere, & its so quiet. its become our go to resort.

    1. you are right – we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside and it was so relaxing and quiet. And the boat ride to Disney Springs is great

  2. The Wilderness Lodge used to be our favorite, when it was newer. They had these awesome rooms called Junior Suites that had 2 beds in one room and a pullout in the other; I don’t know if they still have those. Over the years, the people working there for less friendly and were downright rude on occasion. Plus the price became prohibitive. We’re done with the Contemporary, too; too loud on the main building, even though the monorail they’re is definitely cool. Sad that they got rid of the Concourse Steakhouse with the sticky Mickeys in the flowerpot for breakfast. I’d stay in the Polynesian again; it has the best coffee! I’d also stay in the GF, although it’s exorbitant. The check in folks aren’t that friendly though. I’d love to try Animal Kingdom, if we can afford it. We usually stay in the Swan, so we can walk to Epcot, my favorite park. It’s a little less expensive but still very nice.