8 Ways Our Eating Habits CHANGE At Disney World (Promise You Won’t Judge Us)

We do a lot of things differently at Disney World than we do in our regular day-to-day lives.

Mickey Pretzel

For example, we’ll get up at the break of dawn to be the first on the bus for rope dropping the parks. We’ll also stay up way later than normal to take in some nighttime entertainment. We’ll even push our bodies to the limits just to see and do everything we can. Our eating habits also change at Disney World, too.

First off, we’ve got NO shame in sharing our eating habits in Disney World. This is a judgment-free zone. So if you do these same things, well, we can be friends!

Eat Nothing but Snacks

What are meals? Who’s interested in meals when we have a plethora of snacks to choose from in Disney World? We’ll skip meals and just eat a dozen or more snacks in a day. We’re talking Mickey pretzels, Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies, caramel apples, Krispie treats, and more. Disney snacks just hit differently, right?

Forget meals, we want ALL the snacks!

Even breakfast is an opportunity for a snack — if you’re thinking ahead, you can grab a snack before you leave the parks each day to have for breakfast the next morning. That’s how we roll!

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It’s Happy Hour somewhere

Okay, we’ll admit it. When we’re in Disney World, we’re probably enjoying an alcoholic beverage well before noon. We may even have one for breakfast. Even those of us who don’t drink often at home can’t resist all those fun and delicious cocktails that Disney comes up with.

Hibiscus Lemonade Cocktail — where else are you getting this?

This is especially true in EPCOT, where drinking around the world has become a full-time sport for us.  A margarita at 10AM? Okay, we’re in.

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Order a lot of snacks at once

If we’re going to stand in line for Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies, we’re getting seven at one time. (Why 7? Because that’s their limit. We would buy more if we could!) Now we probably won’t eat those all in one sitting, but we’ll be taking some cookies home with us.

All the Gideon’s cookies!

We do this with a lot of our favorite Disney World snacks. As far as we’re concerned, food is one of the best souvenirs. That’s why we also always bring Ziploc bags and plastic containers in our luggage.

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Eating meals at off times

We have a pretty set schedule for meals at home, but in Disney World, all bets are off. When we’re not replacing meals with snacks, we try to eat our meals at off-times, either earlier or later than the usual times for lunch or dinner.

We tend to eat meals at off-times

There’s a method to our madness, though. It’s a lot easier to get an advance dining reservation for restaurants at these off-times plus there are far fewer people to deal with while you eat.

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Eating more adventurously

We’re often willing to try foods we wouldn’t normally eat at home. Disney World has many restaurants that offer a lot of wonderful international fare, and we would like to try some things we’ve never had before.

We love trying new foods at buffets like Boma!

For example, you can get a WHOLE Fish at Tiffins in Disney’s Animal Kingdom (where the fish still has its head), and we have no problem ordering that when we’re in Disney World, among other things. You should see the fun international potato chip flavors we’ve also tried in EPCOT.

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Spending more money on food

When it comes to budgeting for food in Disney World, well, there is no budget. We might budget for groceries at home, but in Disney World, we will spend whatever it takes to eat whatever we want when we want.

We will spend SERIOUS money on food in Disney World

We have had so many memorable meals and snacks in Disney World that it’s almost ALWAYS worth the price we paid for the food.

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Order kid’s meals

At other times, though, we might just decide to save some money by ordering kid’s meals (and that’s totally okay). Usually, it’s just so we can have a small meal so that we can still eat more snacks, but whatever the reason, kid’s meals can offer a good value in Disney World.

Kids Meal in Galaxy’s Edge

So maybe you’re not SUPER hungry for dinner because you had two margaritas, a Mickey pretzel, and a Dole Whip for lunch. But maybe you still want some kind of meal. That’s where ordering a kid’s meal comes in. Often, though, these meals are more than enough to fill us up.

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So yes, we have ZERO guilt about our eating habits in Disney World.

Check back with AllEars again soon for more.

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What kind of eating habits do you have in Disney World? Share with us in the comments!

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